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  • Hi,

    I’ve been reading the tips on how to write more complex expressions using JavaScript, but to be quite honest im way over my head, i can just barely write css and html, let alone maths equations in JavaScript.

    have about 2 equations i need to translate from excel to calculated fields forms input.
    I have listed the equations below but one of them is: =IF(D7>0,IF(E7<28800,7200,E7*0.25),0)

    and someone has written it in English for me but im still having trouble translating it to Java.

    IF cell D7 (the active months column) has a value greater than 0, AND IF cell E7 (the hours column) has a value less than 28,800, THEN, that cell should equal 7,200. If it isn’t less that 28800, then it should be cell E7 x 0.25. Finally, if cell D7 has a value less than one, it should be 0.

    Basically i have a form with 5 fields.

    • Number of employees
    • Months Active (the amount of months they are at work per year) –
    • the amount of hours worked each month – =SUM(C7)*8*D7*30 – I managed to figure this one out
    • The dollar value per month – =IF(C7>=1,IF(C7*8*30*0.25<600,600,C7*8*30*0.25),0)
    • the dollar value per year – =IF(C7>=1,IF(C7*8*30*0.25<600,600,C7*8*30*0.25),0)

    And i need the above equation to take the values from the number of employees and months active and then run them through those calculations and spit out the total monthly and yearly dollar value.

    I’m not too bad at using google to learn about the math bits i dont know about but between excel, javascript and the calculated fields form interface my brain is just turning to mush.

    if anyone could help me out id really appreciate it. If im kind of asking too much (cause im not sure how hard or easy this is supposed to be) than you can tell me to go back to school and i wont be offended 🙂

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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    I will help you to translate the first equation:


    to the correct format used by the Calculated Fields Form, you should use the same logic in the other equations (We offer a service for custom formulas, if you are interested in contract our services, please, contact us through the following page, )

    I will suppose that D7 is the fieldname1 and E7 is the fieldname2, so the equation would be:


    As you can see, the equation is similar to the original in Excel, you only should remove the “=” symbol from the equation, and replace the columns names by the corresponding variable names in the form.

    Best regards.

    Wow thank you for the fast response, my boss has expressed much interest in this plugin so im sure he will be delighted to know about the services you provide and in addition to the pro version of the plugin with dev features 🙂

    thanks a lot for your help 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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