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  • Well your #menubar says width:750. What have you tried changing it to? Does it maybe need to say 750px? How about trying a percentage?

    this will fix it

    #menubar { display: block; text-transform: uppercase; width: 740px;margin:auto; font-family: ‘Arial Black’; }

    750 was too big, your #page is that large but you define the visible borders with your images, the image header is wider than the shadows u see on the sides of it. so 750 or 100% would stretch it the full width of the containing div. Making it 740 made it the same width but aligns it to the left(default). Margin:auto makes it float in the middle.

    I’ve tried all of those. If I switch it to 750px it does nothing. If I change the width I can almost get it perfect, but not quite. There is still some missing space in i.e. It looks great in firefox.

    thanks in advance for anymore guidance.

    oh, yeah, I forget I had IE. Lemme check.
    btw, which version of IE are u using.

    I only see 1 pixel of space difference on the left in IE.
    Is that what you see?

    I just made the width 751px margin:auto, now ther’s a tiny tiny difference in firfox, but its black right up againt he shadow, so not very noticeable. And in my IE it looks fine

    forget the margin auto, u changed something else, margin auto helps no more.

    lol sorry, I was switching things around. I’ll try your solution. I think I got it working now though. You rule.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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