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  • Hi Everyone,
    Could someone please tell me and if possible help me set up a WordPress install to meet my needs.

    I am hoping to run a blog, but allow people to sign up and post within that blog (not their own blog but the same as everyone else) but i would also need to make sure that all posts were moderated before posting via an admin account.

    Is this possible with WordPress, if so How would i go about setting it up?

    Thank you so much guys, much appreciate all input.

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  • This is basic wordpress functionality. You should read the docs and attempt to install WordPress and configure these options (all of which are heavilly documented, and easy to follow). If you need additional help, ask specific questions here or find a freelance WordPress consultant (like myself) to do the entire setup for you.

    well from when i saw i can make new members need approval before posts appear on the blog, but does new members mean members that newly register or mean ones that are new for a certain while, then no more?

    The former. Take the time to read the documentation, it’s really worth it. Start here to answer your immediate question:

    Thanks pizdin_dim for pointing me in the right direction, i believe what i am after is allowing people to register with the role of Contributor. However i am a bit confused about this part, it says that the capabilities are as follows:


    * edit_posts
    * read
    * level_1
    * level_0

    I see that this role allows users to edit their posts, and read etc, but do they publish without approval, it says they can post/write but how would i force moderation/approval for all posts made.

    Thank you so much in advance and for the help so far guys.

    Please, anyone?

    This isn’t really going to help you but … I don’t use WP2, so I can’t answer your question but then again the fact that I’m posting this will cause it to be “bumped” which may come to the attention of some of the other volunteers.

    Good luck.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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