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  • I have been at the following for hours.

    How do I change the white text to black? I have been able to find out how to change the post TITLES only to black, but not the text in the post itself. So basically, the text of every post is invisible to me (because I have changed the background to white).

    Can anyone tell me how to change the text to black?

    And can anyone tell me how to change this same text (the title text I have found a way to change) larger?

    Also, how can I change the template so the middle column will shrink automatically if someone views it at 800×600 resolution?

    If anyone would help me it would be tremendously invaluable. I have been up all night long fighting with this stuff and I am exhasuted. If someone would help me out I would be very very thankful. I am getting depressed fighting with it.

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  • okay – this all needs to be addressed inside the CSS file for starters.

    next – your best bet would be to find a theme that’s fluid 3 columns rather than trying to make a fixed one fluid. especially since you’re obviously new to CSS.

    try doing some google searches for CSS help. it’s a lot more complicated than one person can get into here, and these forums are for wordpress help, not CSS help… sorry.

    I’d offer some help, but I’m not finding any white text to be changed. There is some gray text in the link you provided, is that what you mean? If so, it’s in the body section in the stylesheet. See if I’m on the right track, ok?


    Thanks for being willing to help. I really do appreciate it. I looked and looked for a template that was close to what I needed, and this was the only one out of probably a thousand that I looked at that would come close. Of course I am having to try and make some major changes on it.

    What I needed was a basic three column template around (with a left column, middle, and then right) 800 to 900 resolution wide with a totally empty left hand column, compatible with wordpress 2.2, able to use widgets if I need them in the future, etc. This was the only one that came close to that. I looked and looked and this one was the only one.

    There is a SEVERE lack of BASIC three column templates like this one that have no graphics to start with and have a left column, middle, and then right column.

    Also, I want to admit that I know very little CSS or html. Two weeks ago I knew none at all. However, I have invested about 20 hours of time making the alterations in this template I have accomplished so far. So I really don’t want to switch.

    If you are talking about the text in the middle column then it looks white to me, but I guess you could call it very, very light grey. Could you tell me how to change it?

    If I have to load up another template I will probably loose all of my little remaining hair. Can anyone tell me how to make this one so that the middle column shrinks if someone views it with another resolution?

    I wish that I could have found the kind of template I wanted from the start but it did not exist. I looked for days and days.

    It seems the more basic the template (especially three column, with an empty column, all the other stuff on the right hand column and so fourth) are rare as gold.

    I would consider using one if someone has one they can suggest, but otherwise I really need to alter this one.

    Thanks so much for your help. I apologize if I seem a little cranky but I have been up far too long, been getting little sleep for the past week, my eyes are on fire from staring into the screen for 10 hours a time with hardly no breaks, etc.

    I just need to get this stuff done. 🙁

    I can’t help much with the width issue, but to change the color of text in this theme, look in the style.css file. Near the beginning, you’ll see body {color:#b0b0b0; (as well as a lot of other information). Change the #b0b0b0 to #000; and you’ll now have black text.

    To change the color of the links, in that same file, you’ll have to change the color of the “a:” entries.

    Regardless that I am not objective (since I have ported it from 1.2 to later versions), Vesuvius is one of the most stable, simple 3 column themes. No graphics, just some bas colours. You can style it as you wish:


    Thank you SO MUCH for showing me how to adjust the color of that text! I literally spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to do that. THANK YOU! 🙂

    Do you happen to know how to adjust the size of that same text by any chance?


    If there is anyone else who could help me figure out how to adjust the width issue please help me. I would sincerely appreciate it. It seems that just a small ammount of time by one of you who are skilled in wordpress is the same as hours and hours of my bumbling attempts at modifying this theme. If anyone can help me, again, I would appreciate it.

    changin the width from pixels to percent is kinda iffy…if your gona do it ya gota take wee little steps and be checking your site each time in both browsers…explorer and firefox…your gona have to move the browser windows from big to small…drag them around adn see if what youve done has had a bad effect.

    the side bar on the right is aligned from the left of the screen..not sure about your middle column or left sidebar.

    below is an example of a spot in your style sheet for the middle column (narrowcolumn)you can see the width is in pixels…all ya gota do is figure out the % ya want and change it……instead of 460px; maybe make it 35%;
    youll have to play with it…in the style sheet youll find the other aspects too called sidebar (rightside) and sidebar2 (leftside) youll see the widths in pixles. good luck to ya man…and dont spend too much time on it at once…take brakes dude…last thing ya need is to be click clickin stuff with a fried brain…could realy mess stuff up and not injoy your self 😉

    .narrowcolumn {
    float: left;
    padding: 0 0 20px 25px;
    margin: 0px 0 0;
    /*hakan 450*/
    width: 460px


    Thanks for the information, but I am still a little confused. By the way, I took your advise and took a short nap. Did I sure need it!

    You see, I like the blog how it is right now at 900 wide. However, I want the middle column to shrink for people that have a lower resolution. I really just don’t understand the difference between narrow column and widecolumn. What do these two represent. There is only one center column in my blog, so does one of these represent the center column when the resolution is over 800 and the other when it is under 800?

    Again, I appreciate any and all help you or anyone else can provide…

    In the past few minutes I see more problems I need to overcome. I think this will be a long night.

    Thank you to everyone who has helped me so far. My brain is a little less fried, but having to use eye drops from looking at the screen for so many hours a day.

    This theme seems to be a (kind of ) Kubrick clone – that theme has the narrow and wide column specification.
    Actually in this theme it doesn’t seem to have any meaning, since the main index and the single post view look the same. So, probably, it’s just a meaningless “inheritance”.

    If you want your middle column (the content) to change depending on the visitor’s resolution you need a flexible design, not a fixed width. The Vesuvius I mentioned earlier is a flexible one. Go there and switch to that theme and check it for yourself.

    lol..i feel your pain man…sometimes it’s nice ta go get some ice cubes or even cold wet wads of tolet paper and stick em on your eyes for abit 🙂

    dont worry about wide column

    ya got sidebar2 (on the left)

    narrowcolumn (in the center)

    and sidebar (on the right)

    if just those elements are set to % instead of pixels your site will pretty much be fluid…ya may find a we little thing outa place, but it’s all fixable in the css file.

    the site im workin on right now was the defualt theme all set in pixles then i dug in and set a buncha stuff to %…man wa it tough goin…you got the easy one…lol.

    the problem i was havin with this set up is the side bar droping when ya go to the lower resalutions…i also had to set it up so it does different things for different browsers in order to work….a big mess man…big job and it still looks like crap in IE

    go to your site and slowly drag the window smaller then go to mine and do the same..youll see what it does…also the effect is different in IE than it is in fire fox.

    just remember to not go too nuts eh…little steps…yoll be makin mods to your stuff for ever right…dont need to do them all…people are lookin for useability and content thats relevent to their seaches and somethin that doesnt realy hurt the eye…other than that the general user doesnt care…lol..not bein cynical iether…just tryin ta be strieght up with ya.

    man..i gota go get some ice cubes…lol

    ya…try what he said…lol..he posted 1st…then youl use less ice cubes 😉

    chillbilly and moshu,

    Man do I appreciate you to helping me out. I was so lost last night but finally I am making some progress. I have started doing this with zero knowledge and help from people like yourself have been GREAT!

    I would switch to another template, but then I would have to do a lot of this work all other again. It might be the best thing to do however I am going to go nuts and pull my little remaining hair out if I have to redo a lot of this stuff.

    By the way, how important is it to have a fluid type of site compared to a static one? I just don’t want people visiting with 800×600 resolutions to go “ewwwww.. this is horrible” and leave. Do people usually leave a site if they have to use frames?

    I am going to try that percentage trick you showed me. But I have a couple questions. First, what is the difference between wide column and narrow column? That is really confusing me. Also, I need my side columns to stay the same because of images in them. Will changing the percentage mess them up?

    There must be a way to convert this theme into a fluid one at least for the center column.

    Now I see that my individual pages might not already have teh left column in them…

    Seriously guys, THANK YOU. I know since I am so new I might seem really stubborn. And if I can’t get this template to work I will try another, but I really don’t want to loose all the work, eye sight, hair, and time I have invested in customizing this one.

    Again, thanks to all of you. I really want to get this stuff done so I can get to building my content.

    actualy…i wasnt thinkin..if ya change the %for that center column it will either do nothin at all or mess the whole site up in a diferent res unless you do somethin to the sidebrs too…its a biggy dude…totaly doable, but a biggy for sure.

    the only thing i didnt dig about the narrower lookin sites was that in todays wide screens sites like the defualt them look really stupid with aton of wasted space…if ya go through the themes and jus check them in the res that your wonderin about…im bettin youll find a good one.

    realy the only reason i kept diggin at the defualt my self was becuase of the aperance of simplicity that it has…even though its complicated as heck!!!!!!!!!!!!

    look around man…check stuff out and get your stuff goin on….then study up on css or cascading style sheets
    with a css you can almost do what ever you would like to a web site…once ya read up on them..there no problem…realy easy ta learn.

    good luck to ya k…have fun

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