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  • Hey guys, I have been trying for ages now and would really appreciate some help with this.

    I installed plogger (a gallery) to my website and I am to integrate it with my word press blog, is anyone able to help me?


    the readme file says this:

    To integrate Plogger into your website, place the following PHP
    statements in the HTML document you wish display the gallery:

    First line of HTML file -> <?php require(“gallery.php”); ?>
    In HEAD section of HTML -> <?php the_gallery_head(); ?>
    Somewhere in BODY section -> <?php the_gallery(); ?>

    But i am no good with coding so do not understand this.

    thanks in advance.

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  • I tried the same thing but couldn’t get it to work, having wanted to add a Page for the Plogger galleries. I was able to just create a link in my sidebar to the idex.php in plogger.

    I think the problem is that the plogger files need to be in the WordPress directory not in the root directory where I put them. Where did you install plogger?

    i installed the gallery within my blog directory the /gallery, but I dont know how to integrate it thats the problem 🙁

    anyone managed to integrate it?

    I would create a Page and add those 3 lines of code to the page. See what happens. However, you will need a plugin which will allow you to execute php code from a page.

    Guys, the current problem is that Plogger doesn’t work outside of its directory. I’ve been working on the absolute path issue so that it will work when called from any directory. When you create a “page” in WordPress, you’d be trying to load it from a directory other than the plogger directory. / instead of /plogger (Where your WordPress install is the root of your site and Plogger is intstalled into the /plogger folder).

    The alternative is to right click on your home page of your site and view source. Save the source code as index.php. You’d then have to strip out the posts, etc and place in the 3 Plogger tags and place that index.php into your plogger folder. This would use a static replica of your site’s template and not be integrated with wordpress at all.

    Once we fix the absolute path issue, I will test it against my plugin to confirm that it works and maybe do some more integration work. Beta2 is due out soon (pending absolute path completion) then hopefully Release Canidate 1 and 2 for some minor bug fixes and a stable version.

    Thanks ryanduff for your explanation.

    what i did was put the html code for the link to the gallery index in the posts title.
    it will do for me for now.

    Have you tried the Beta2 version? It’s index file seems to work fine on a Page I have where I use the Redirectify plugin. Check out my site

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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