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  • 10sexyapples


    Hi there … just wanted to report back to you that I installed your code and it basically marked all images ( over 2800 ) on my site as unreferenced/unused … heh … I was in a hurry but moved all 29 pages of them ( would be really great to be able to batch process more than what is on one page at a time currently ) … only to find that all of my images were gone … even my featured images in regular post excerpts … and had to quickly go back through and restore them all. Thank you so much for having the restore feature … although on one of the 29 pages, when I hit apply for whatever reason, it would not change to restored, just the check mark showed … very odd indeed.
    I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about my setup if it would help to determine why this is. I use custom built meta boxes and roll my own custom post types etc., and build upon the roots theme~
    Would be fantastic to have this code work in my setup~

    Plugin Author opicron


    I would love to make the plugin work on your setup. Would it be possibile to get access to your admin area (and ftp)?

    Then I can isolate the problem and improve the plugin a lot.

    Please email me at opicron at gmail com.

    PS: There is a batch move/restore function in the [general] tab.

    Plugin Author opicron


    For starters. Could you please zip the complete log folder (/imagecleanup/0/logs/*.*) and send me it by email?

    Only send the logs after an successful index please. These logs will definately tell me a lot more.

    Hey Robert,

    I can’t find the tools for selecting more than one page of images. As it’s located 3900 unreferenced unused images, that means I have to go through 39 pages and bulk delete each one.

    Perhaps this is a bug – or perhaps I’m just being thick? I’m using WP 3.5.1.

    In either case, a simple user’s guide would be really welcome.

    Thanks for all your hard work, and for finding 3,900 unused images for me. You’re a star 🙂



    I didn’t find it either at first, but if you go to Dashboard > Tools > Images Cleanup and hover over the index list item at the bottom of the page, you will see options to move/restore/delete all.


    Great plugin that -almost- works with my setup. My posts have images that are uploaded to the media library and then associated with the post through custom fields (not actually inserted into the post). The plugin seems to recognize them as “Unreferenced Unused Images”. Any way a check for this could be added?

    As Daniel mentioned, I have a similar issue.

    I use ACF, which has image upload/file upload and gallery options. Obviously these are stored in custom fields either with a single custom field and an image ID from the attachment post table or with a serialized array of image IDs.

    Likely tough to support all plugins that use custom upload fields, but maybe worth considering the few top ones like Pods, ACF.

    Plugin Author opicron


    Daniel/Jacobs, good find. I will dig into that.

    Hi Opicron,

    Great plugin – very useful, and appreciated! 😉

    Some feedback I have which I hope you might have time to look into are:

    – PDF attachements seem to get detected as “unused images”
    – widget area that contain images (footer/sidebar) also are detected as “unused images”.
    – there are a few images in Sliders that also get put in the “unused images” list, however I have not found any logic to this at the moment.

    As a consequence, these images/pdf files are being sent to the “moved” directory, and a lot of places are missing images.

    A “Multiple Image Restore” feature would be useful.

    For example, I have a whole list of images in the footer that will need to be replaced (about 10-12). The unused images list brings me back 71 pages to go through (7000+ images*), which is a lot to try and find 10 images!

    A textarea where I could place a line separated list of images to Restore, would be so useful! The skip feature is good, however, it’s difficult to know what will go missing before you start…

    I hope you may take this suggestion into consideration.

    Anyway, keep up the great work. It’s a brilliant little plugin, and I look forward to it improving!


    *PS: Yes… 7000 images is a lot – that’s because there are new themes that have lots of sizes for various content area (portfolio, feature, slider etc., and more!).

    …thinking about it, the reason for the footer/widget areas being detected as unused is probably because these are not associated to posts/pages.

    In theory, these images are uploaded, but their paths are used in the text widgets with no relationship/association being made.

    Could the data from Sliders be missing, as they’re not indexed? Some create their own custom tables, so again, there’ll be no Post/Page association…

    Just a thought. I hope this may help you with your plugin!

    Mikey B


    I agree with “10sexyapples”:

    would be really great to be able to batch process more than what is on one page at a time currently

    I have 39 pages of “Unreferenced Unused Images” and really don’t want to have to click through each page and move them all.

    I WILL take another look soon but for now I don’t have the time to do them individually unfortunately

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