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  • Sorry to be so dramatic. I need to add jcarousel to my wordpress theme. I cannot figure it out and I have been at this for DAYS. I just need a simple thumbnail carousel.

    I need to have it pull images from a directory and show them on my index. I have made a separate page for it called rightside.php but I don’t know how to add the code to the page so that it will show when I call it. I want to use ajax.

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  • you have to set up the code in the header if its js.

    have you sucessfully put the Jcarousel to work with wordpress? I am havign the same problem.

    I have also spent ages pouring over this problem. It’s obviously important to make sure that all the files are linking to the correct places (ie the various CSS and JS files needed), as well as the images. However, in the end I identified my problem was that jcarousel didn’t like the css and js call ups going in the header, in fact I put everything in the main body, in my case straight into the index.php file. Ie I have nothing in my header.php file for jcarousel, it’s ALL in index.php.

    Hope this helps!



    this does help, will try it- thanks!
    my work around was using flshow- easy to set up carousel you can put just about any where in your site. its in the plugins directory. i cant make it work in 2.7 yet.

    I’m not sure if anyone is still looking for support for this, but I got it working without any hassle on WP 2.8. “Markisrunning”‘s advice to check the order that you load the js/css is crucial. I got it working fine without resorting to killing the header.php and loading everything in index.php, but I had to load everything in this order: CSS > jcarousel scripts > activation script. Trial and error did the trick after that – I happen to be using Thematic and their wp-head(); code snippet was causing problems, so I just loaded all of the jcarousel related files at the end of the <head> section in the proper order. Cheers!

    i am also strucked in installing jcarousel plugin.

    While activating this plugin<error in line:273[file_include];failed to open stream—–>appearing

    Please help, anybody…….

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