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  • James Absolute


    I work for an SEO company and we have recently picked up a new contract. The guys website is a wordpress site. I am not very familiar with wordpress however I understand the plugins etc. We were given http://www.example/wp-admin to access his site. However when I logged into this weith the username and password provided there is only a dashboard that lets you edit pages and media, there is nothing else on the sidebar and i cant access or control plugins or build new tabs or links or anything. Is this because I am accessing wordpress online and havent got it downloaded to my computer (which im doing now)?? I have bought an all in one seo pack plugin and I want to install it however there is no plugin tab. Also if I do need to have wordpress installed on my ccomputer there is no export tab to export the XML so I can import it to the new wordpress on my computer so im stuck:(

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    It sounds like he’s given you an account with a role that doesn’t allow you to install plugins.

    WordPress is not a desktop app. There is nothing to install on your computer unless you are talking about installing a copy of the site on a local web server.



    Hi James,
    In future please make your post subject a bit more specific so its easier for others to search on.

    In the left bar, you should see a Plugins option.
    It sounds as though it is not there.

    There are a few possible causes:
    – the wordpress account you are using may not have admin permissions
    – there may be custom code, active within the site, which specifically hides this.

    I suspect it’s #1 though.

    If you are unfamiliar with wp, I’d suggest you find a way to get in contact with the original developer (or someone who can debug this for you). There’s probably a reason this set of functionality has been disabled ( it may not be a good reason).

    James Absolute


    Hey thanks for quick replies guys.

    Sorry Jibbius I’m not familiar with WordPress so I didn’t really know what title was appropriate for my post. He left on bad terms with the previous web developer as the guy had his site for 9 months with guaranteed first page ranking and he only ever got to rank 6. A week of two ago his site dropped completely off first page on every keyword, I logged into wp-admin and found that there was no tile descriptions or tags and then checked the coding and found this all in one SEO pack which had been removed when he stopped payong the previous guy and so lost his ranking as there is no titles tags etc now. So i went to reinstall it and found my problem.

    Just some background info incase it helps

    So you reckon try get in touch with previous guy he should have an admin account? Is there any other way?



    yes, it’s more technical though.

    If you have cpanel/ftp access, you can go directly into the database, and “simply” set your account as an admin.

    If I can find some steps already available, I’ll post them here.



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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