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  • Hi, I’m new to blogging and my friend helped set up my site:

    He inserted a macromedia flash audio function (if that’s what it’s called: small box, three buttons: play, pause, stop) where I introduce my site on top right hand side.

    All I want to know is how to get rid of it!( the buttons and my voice). I can’t find the file anywhere when I search the site admin functions. Just tell me how to delete this please and I’d be grateful because I want to get my blogsite going.

    Muchos appreciatos

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  • Your site is calling for it in your sidebar, so it’s amongst the code for your sidebar where you need to look to remove the calling code.

    The offending file itself is located in the wp-content folder and is called AudioPlayer.swf

    Thanks so much for the help but I’m still battling. I went to “manage”, then to “file”, then to “sidebar template”, but “Audio Player swf” was not there.

    Is there another route to wp-content folder?

    Sorry for my ignoramusnis

    FTP? File manager in CPanel?

    Well I can’t get this right! Really starting to get frustrated now. Couldn’t find CPanel or FTP.

    If someone did this for me I could change my password after I guess????


    Chris. You need a bit more understanding of your site. You have a server somewhere I presume, where your files are stored. A web host? Do you know who your web host is?

    Normally, when you sign on for web hosting, you are given a userid and password and you sign in at your web hosting site and there you are given access to your “account,” which presumably includes some type of site management console, usually plesk or cPanel.

    Does this ring any bells whatsoever of any kind?

    My initial knee jerk reaction to your question, was, of course, to ask your friend to remove it. Perhaps he can shed more light on where your site files are located and how you personally can access them.

    And I realize you are frustrated and want to get your site up and running as quickly as possible, but doing it for you would deprive you of learning how to manage it yourself, because although you may not realize it now, fiddling with and tweaking your site can be much fun! This won’t be the last time you’ll need or want to go in and manage/fix/add something! Trust me!


    Sorry for my ignoramusnis

    Ignoramininity? “Frustration” is the word you are really after! 😉

    You’re right. I’m taking a break and will come back refreshed.

    Thanks for cool advice
    Merry Xmas!!!!!!!!

    Once you figure out how to get to your files on the server, you’ll be able to easily see that you have a folder called wp-content. THen what the other poster said about finding and deleting that *.swf file will make more sense. But here’s a trick I learned:

    If you decide you want the file back some day, what I’d do is just RENAME it to, for example, AudioPlayer.swf.hide.

    Then Flash won’t recognize it. Later if you ever decide you want that feature back, just go in and rename it again to AudioPlayer.swf and it’s back!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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