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  • Hi All

    I used the paalam theme and reworked it, There are 2 links in the footer

    wordpress theme, but when you click on it gives a 404
    Can I remove the link?

    Also the second one is to WebHosting Bluebook, I don’t want to remove it if I can’t but where can I find out the licence?

    Many Thanks


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  • g’day Watsy.

    I’d check the style.css of the theme for any licensing information, or the page the theme originally comes from.

    The way I see it, if the theme’s homepage is a 404, then I suggest being reckless and assuming GPL, at least to the point of removing any overt advertising for 3rd parties, and any broken links back to the author.

    Ultimately it’s the author’s responsibility to leave redirects in place, its not yours to hunt down the new working link (if there even is one).

    Of course, I’m not your lawyer… 🙂

    Hi Ivovic 🙂

    Well my client isn’t going to be happy having a broken link on their page, but I don’t want to get crap for removing it.

    The css, doesnt appear to tell you what you can and can’t remove.

    This is that part

    Theme Name: Paalam
    Theme URI:
    Description: Paalam is a WP ThemePark production, made free by Web Hosting Bluebook. Support is available at the Forums.
    Version: 1.1
    Author: Sadish Bala
    Author URI:

    And even on their site

    Unless I have missed something they don’t mention what you can and can’t do or anything about licensing

    well, it seems like all the relevant links error out… there’s mention of “made free” but that’s not really legal language is it?

    It could mean it’s at no cost, or it could mean ‘released into the wild’… but with no working links, he’s not making it easy to contact him and ask.

    I did just google him by name, and found another blog which may belong to him. Perhaps an attempt to contact him there might prove worthwhile, assuming it’s the same Sadish Bala.

    For all I know, it might be the indian equivalent of John Smith. My research doesn’t extend that far.

    I can tell you though, that I wouldn’t have bothered seeking him out for myself, simply because he didn’t bother forwarding his links, but I’m a bit of an ass like that.

    Good for you that you’re not 🙂

    well I just contacted
    So guess that was wrong 😉

    But I have to agree with you, who is going to want a 404 link on a page.

    Do you happen to know of any that you can use truly free where you can remove all advertising?

    Thanks Again 🙂

    actually most of them… the vast majority of themes are released under GPL, meaning that you can modify as much as you like, but you may not then resell the theme as your own.

    Some include stipulations that you should attribute the original author in the css comments, but honestly, most of those are even based on other designs which are not attributed.

    The notable exception to this is of course the commercial themes that you have to pay to download.

    Hi, so it would say something in the css, like credits must remain intact?
    If so this one doesn’t

    I’m not if the bluebook link has to stay there either.

    Oh, this is a pain

    I appreciate all your help 🙂

    Well I found his blog and another post make by him and he states that you can remove the footer links for $15, I am happy to pay this. But there is also a note on his blog saying his site is down and will be back up soon, so I’ll wait till then.

    Thanks Again


    aha, well there you go… “released free” I guess has its limitations.

    Yeah, its customary to note licensing information in a file along with the theme and/or refer to it briefly in the css comments themselves.

    … but I think we’ve established this guy is a long way from professonal about things.

    In fact, the “site down, back shortly” thing, coupled with a money-making park page reminds me of what cheap’n’crappy domain registrars do when you let your registration lapse.

    I guess that $15 will keep his site around for another year, so you’re doing the world a favour 🙂

    An interesting situation anyway, Watsy, thanks for the light entertainment, and sorry I was mostly just a bad influence 🙂

    lol you have not been a bad influence 😉

    Well one thing, I don’t get is he said his sites are being hosted with, but being a web host myself as ain’t down this doesn’t make any sense.

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