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  • hello,
    Like many people that post here looking for help, I’m new to WordPress (surprise surprise).I’m running 2.9.2,the latest version of Thesis (1.6),Firefox (3.6),and on a Mac. I am trying to remove a few tabs that I had made when I was doing some trial and error trying to figure this out.
    Here is a link to my page so you can see what I am talking about here.
    I am trying to get rid of the 2 tabs labeled “tip of the day” and the other “quotes”. I had deleted all of the posts and pages that I didn’t want to be shown and for some reason, there they were still, staring at me in the eye.Finally I decided to empty the trash for both pages and posts, so they are now gone all together.Still there….
    Then I read something that leads me to believe that I needed to hide them before deleting them. If that is right,then I am screwed.
    I tired going back in my browser and re-storing them but it read “there was an error trying to restore” or something like that.
    Any clues as to how to get rid of these tabs?
    Renaming them at least?

    Also, WordPress is still mega slow for me most of the time when refreshing or saving something. Not when I view the actual page,but in the dashboard. I only signed up the other day, so I’m sure that everything is the latest version, and I deleted all the plug-ins other than Viddler,FeedBurner FeedSmith,and Akismet. so I don’t know what is slowing it down so much.
    I also have Google Gears and it didn’t seem to do much if anything…


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  • esmi


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    Have you tried deleting the unwanted “tip of the day” and “quotes” Pages via Admin/Pages?

    As for the slowness, you could possibly do with more available memory. See

    hi Esmi,

    If you mean to delete the tabs from the admin/ages via FTP , then no, as I don’t know how to recognize the .css file for it. I have the file from Cyberduck, but I wouldn’t know which lines to erase. I’ll see if my friend can look at that for me.

    hey everyone. I guess that I forgot to turn off the tabs in the navigation menue, so it’s all good.

    Still wanting to get things sped up though. I’ll have to look into the memory issue

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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