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  • Hi, I dont want to be rude, but I’m looking for a free wordpress web host (with ftp, mysql, php support & the rest of the things i probably need for it). I want to install wordpress in hebrew… thanx!

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  • p.s also It has to be free-ad’s & free-popups (or with a very tiny banner or one an advertisement link), not more than that. thanx again.

    Just curious, what makes you think that a host like that exists? What would be the incentive to offer such?

    I’m afraid I’d have to agree with mik – there’s no host out there (not that I know of) that would supply free host pace without ads popping up all over the place – much less one that would also give you free databases, PHP and support for everything.

    Quite honestly, unless someone can actually post a link to one (and I’d be surprised if they were legit), there’s no such thing. If you want hosting with the bells and whistles, you gotta pay for it. (Bells and whistels being something more than what geocities offers.) Unless you can find someone who is kind enough to allow you to have a subdomain on their hosting account, and let you do what you want to do. But good luck on that one.

    Hosting *really* isn’t that expensive. I’ve seen some hosting packages that are as low as $1.99month (of course, I wouldn’t trust their support as far as I could throw them) but I’ve seen some *good* hosts with basic packages for as little as $8.00/month. Not really enough to break the bank, if you know what I mean. But free? No way.

    Ok, I meant to something like that: . regretfully, this service has been closed…(I know for another service but they required an invitation). I dont mind for ad’s, as long as they’r not taking the “full attention” such as flash ad’s or other annoying ad’s… thanx for the help.

    … to add files (such as a translation files) or if i want to run wordpress myself, i will need a host that support ftp, & all the other requirements for wordpress). i dont see that wordpress provide it, it self. unless i want the default theme’s or unless ill pay (at but if i wrong…

    We would be happy to offer you free hosting and offer one click wordpress installation. Feel free to check us out at Don’t worry about the initial 100mb storage and 3GB bandwidth limits. If you have a legitimate site they can be greatly increased, only in place to prevent abuse.


    If you are still interested I do know of free hosting without advertisements that support wp. I already have 3 wp blogs on my site here. They support php msql and wordpress. The only downfall I find is that as a free member you cant have crontab so feedwordpress plugin doesn’t update automaticlly and you only get 1msql database. But otherwise it is a pretty good hosting service and no ads. it is


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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