Please help: I *JUST NOW* registered & already experiencing login issues. (5 posts)

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    Hey there folks! Hope all is well w/ you on this fine day. I just now registered w/ WP & confirmed my registration, then went to (& please, no offence, but) this page on WP: http://www.middlefinger-text.com/middle-finger-text-facebook/ & wanted to post a reply. Here, in the WP Forum, I'm logged in just fine (obviously), but when I go to the URL above, it doesn't think I'm logged in. SO! When I click login & put in my login info, a message tells me neither my login USERNAME or PASSWORD (or not even my EMAIL) is recognized. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Did I forget to send in my blood & urine samples & first born, or something to that effect? (heh heh heh heh heh) I kid; however, I *am* curious what I'm missing here. Thanks anyone! Cheers! ~the doc. >:~]^ (ps: be good, yooz guys!)

  2. kmessinger
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    You are registered here but that doesn't mean you are registered anywhere else. To get to that site you have to complete their registration.

  3. Michael
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    you are hopefully clear about that the login and registration in this forum has nothing to do with the login to your site (or the site you posted the link to);

    if this is your site, and you can't login, try to click the 'lost password' button -
    you need to remember either your username or email address to do this.

    if this is someone else's site, you might need to register before commenting - for which that site weirdly has no button.

    if you have lost both username and email of your own site, you might possibly need to read:

  4. fort0379
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    I tried to get in to the site-wp-admin and this is what popped up"404 (Page Not Found) Error" and you can see it by yourself @ http://fortunatolongok.com. let me know soon. I need to work on it. Thanks in advance.

  5. Michael
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    please start your own topic.

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