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  • Do you have access to FTP? If so go to the plugins and create a new folder and call it plugins-saved. Move the plugin your having issues with over to that folder. It will fix any plugin issues.

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    Thanks. I was able to delete the plugin this morning from the yahoo files (don’t know why that changed), but it didn’t change anything. I still can’t login to wordpress due to blank page and my blog is blank. My website is fine, so it’s just the blog:

    I wanted to add that I have moved all the plugins to a new plugin-saved folder, and I still cannot login and everything is blank.

    It is a process on limitation. So now we know it’s not the plugins. Can you reinstall WordPress?!

    I’m not sure how? since Yahoo installs it automatically when you start a blog. Sorry, I’m not very experienced at this.

    Thats ok. can you call yahoo and see if they can help you. Sounds like you have a databsae issue. If not you may want to change hosting companies which I can suggest a few that are great a cheap.


    I did talk to Yahoo. Very nice guy helped me even though technically they don’t provide support for wordpress. Turns out that the bfa subscribe plugin corrupted my theme. It took some doing, but he was able to get me back into wordpress. I had to delete the theme and reinstall. Fortunately, non of my other data was disrupted.

    Thanks for the help.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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