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  • I am completely new to this, so I appologize if theis is a really silly question. I can’t figure out how to install new plugins. I aw a few tutorials that said there should be an option to “add new” under plugins, but it isn’t their. The only options ae akismet and plugins. Can somebody please tell me where to go from here????? Thanks.

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  • The Add New is in the vertical Dashboard navigation menu in the left column. There you will see Plugins and under it is Add New

    Yeah, I know that is where it should be, but it is not The only options under plugins iun the vertical dashboard are “plugins” and “akismet”. The other categories, such as “users” have an option to “add new”, but pugins does not.

    If you are seeing Akismet then you are still looking in the wrong place. Akimset appears in the RIGHT COLUMN.

    I am talking about the LEFT COLUMN, the narrow one. Akismet never appears in the left column

    It is the narrow left column. It says “plugins”, and “akismet configuration”. those are the only options.

    Well, something is wrong with your WP install then. As a second option, in the right pane, at the very top, next to the large word Plugins should be a button that says Add New. Is that there?

    If not, are you using any plugins that affect the Admin/Dashboard part of WordPress? I suggest you disable all your plugins and see if that resolves the issue. Then turn them on one by one, refreshing after each, and see if one of them causes the Add New option to disappear.

    If that doesn’t resolve it, temporarily switch to the default twenty ten theme and see if that resolves the issue. If it does its a problem with your theme.

    If it doesn’t resolve it the next thing I’d try is manually uploading all the WordPress files again, in case any of them are missing or corrupted.

    You could try switching to the 2010 theme first, since its easier, and see if the problem is resolved. And then disable your plugins one by one with the 2010 theme active, to locate a problem plugin.

    I am using the 2010 theme already. I only have 2 plugins active, akismet and WP shortstat. I tried disabling them and it didn’t help. Not sure what to do.

    Reinstall WordPress on top of your existing WP files.

    If you have customized the 2010 theme at all you need to backup the theme files because the reinstall will overwrite your 2010 theme folder

    Is there anything else that I can try? I’m not sure I’ll be able to do this without messing everything up. I’m so new to this and finding it all a bit overwhelming.

    Is there no “Add New” link to the right of the word Plugins at the very top on the list of plugins page? There should be an add new button there.

    Also, do you have an FTP program set up? If you don’t that is fine, its another way to get plugins installed if you do.

    You can look at this too

    No, there is no add new link there either. I do have an FTP program set up.

    Well, even though its not ideal, for expediency, download the plugins to your computer from the WordPress plugins site. Take the folder out of the plugin’s zip file and FTP the folder (not the zip file) into

    Then go to the Plugins page. You should see the new plugin in the right pane (refresh first if you were already on that page before FTP’ing) and activate the plugin.

    I don’t know why you aren’t seeing the Add New plugin links but the point is to get the plugins installed and this method should work.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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