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  1. brownbelle
    Posted 3 years ago #


    Can someone help me please, I am new to wordpress and for the past two weeks, I have been trying to create my first wordpress website.

    It's been quite challenging to say the least. I have been trialing various themes and initially I liked the look of the online marketer but I realised that certain options dont work e.g. the parent child options on the page does not work, so I changed to the 2010 theme yesterday and again I had issues with menus.

    So today I logged in to work on the site, and it wont let me view my site at all. I keep getting all sorts of text like:

    pan class='display-name'>admin
    Edit My Profile
    Log Out">Log Out

    Sometimes it says this link appears broken

    This problem has been going on all day. I have logged in and out so many times but nothing works.

    Please help!!

    Much appreciated

  2. Website URL?

  3. brownbelle
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Is this what you mean?

  4. Okay.. I'm not sure what you have going on... but here is what I see:

    Your home page and your blog page both show 404 not founds. Are you certain you have your site set up properly to show a "static" front page or a front page with your "blog posts"?

  5. brownbelle
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Josh,

    Yes front page is static , it worked all week. Its only today that its not working. I have not changed anything. I just cant see it. It doesnt let me view my site at all

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