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  • happystinky


    I’m new to wordpress and have been trying to setup Google Adsense Ads on my site. I have tried adding the javascript code into the proper location within my template within the menu and I get an ‘Internal Server Error’ when I submit changes. I can make other changes without issue, but adding this code pulls an error everytime. Is there some reason that I would not be able to put javascript on the page? Maybe I’m missing something. You can see the site here but I don’t think there is anything out of the ordinary:
    ~ Thanx ~

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  • john1000


    well i never had problems when i had it on my site,but what i did noticed is that a lot of times no ads were showing.
    but i had it added in the footer area…(index.php)



    Make up a separate page outside of WP with just the ad block and see if you still get errors.



    Thanks john. Anyone else have an idea where I could begin?


    Hey Beel, you must of posted while I was writing my response. Didn’t see your post til after. To answer that, yes, I have used the same code on other pages on several other sites without problems.

    I am unable to get google ads working on my blog. I put the ads into a separate php file. I included this file into the blog template.
    No ads are displayed on the main page. But on viewing the source, I can see the code.
    Any way of working around it?

    yes, I was wondering where I’m supposed to put google ads, and what code to use, too.

    Yes, I am new to WordPress too and still cannot figure out how to add Google adwords to the blog templates. Someone please provide a newbie some help!

    Joe Mosca

    Joe, I think if you search for “AdSense” in this forum you’ll find several examples of how to insert the code in your template.

    Hey happystinky, it’s irrelevant since your site thoroughly violates the Google TOS.

    Looks like yours are working fine Joe.

    Hey tom, you are correct. This thread was started about 10 months ago back before I began ‘thoroughly violating’ any terms 🙂 Good point for others though. Thanx.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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