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  • Hello, I posted on this problem last Friday and still get the “It’s not Possible” answer from GoDaddy and they tell me to check with WordPress..

    All I’m trying to do is redesign a currently existing web site using WordPress, and develop it under my GoDaddy hosting account. Because of the way WordPress calls for the domain in the code, I’m having trouble setting up the development site ANYWHERE other than where the actual live web site resides…so what I want to know is…

    Can’t I develop under a subdomain of my hosting account and then simply EXPORT the database and take my WordPress files and then IMPORT the database at the real domain name once the redesign has been approved by the client? Godaddy did not know, if upon creation of the WordPress database, WordPress inserts the “subdomain” directory path and therefore exporting it someplace else after it’s been created in a subdomain would work.

    If you are a WordPress designer, can you please tell me your workflow when redesigning a live web site? Surely this can’t be this hard…

    Can someone suggest what I need to do in order to redesign a live web site using WordPress? Would I have the same issue at another host?

    It just seems to me I should be able to develop the site anywhere and move it anywhere by importing and exporting…

    Please help! I have three clients waiting to see a design..I successfully created a WordPress site under a subdomain, but GoDaddy tells me they are not positive I can then export the database out to move it someplace…

    Thanks so much for you time.

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  • You can export/import, but there will be problems if you have posts with images and such.

    A “website design” is basically just the WordPress theme though, and that’s perfectly portable without exporting/importing anything.

    See Also: Moving WordPress

    Yes, the WordPress files I’m not worried about…if I customize them, I can simply keep a copy on my hard drive and upload them in the new place…it’s the database that’s the issue.

    But, the database is not the design, it’s the content. What exactly are you wanting to “move” around?

    And don’t customize the WordPress core files. Bad idea.

    2 suggestions:

    1) Install the Theme Test Drive plugin by Vladimir Prelovac. This will allow you to see your site in a different theme w/ activating that theme. Most likely all you are trying to do is make theme modifications, right?

    2) If you do plan to modify the WP files, install WP in a different folder, and in wp-config.php point it to the same database w/ the same table prefix, or use different one(s) as desired. You probably don’t need to do this though.

    I installed WP on a domain hosted by Godaddy this past weekend. They have an auto-installer.


    Oops, meant to say “w/o activating that theme”.

    Hi, thanks for your reply. The theme isn’t the problem, in many cases I am uploading my own designs for the client (and just curious, why is customizing the WP files wrong? Adding different graphics for headers, etc)…if I’m starting from scratch with a new domain name, there is NO problem.

    However, the problem exists when attempting to REDESIGN a web site that is already live and on the internet. I’m going to be setting up a WP site at GoDaddy, connecting a Database to it, entering content and THEN moving the site elsewhere, either to the client’s host or moving the client’s hosting to my Godaddy account and having to reset up everything under that new domain. The WP files aren’t the’s the database and the path it might create to save text and images…and then I would be MOVING that database..would the paths be wrong and create the content not to display?

    I’m simply looking for someone who designs WordPress sites for their clients to tell me what their work process is when the domain name under which they are redesigning is already current and live on the internet. Where do they develop the site? Can they simply move it once it’s developed? Are there problems created in the database when doing that, etc.

    PS. Perhaps I’m using the wrong terminology..I’m not changing the WP files, I’m customizing the THEME files…

    Is THIS what I would need to do?

    If you just want to make changes to a theme, use the Theme Test Drive plugin. If you’re changing the same theme your using, you’ll have to make a copy of it in a different folder in your plugins directory. After you install the plugin, you can see your site in the new theme by way of a URL like this one:

    Of course you would have to replace, wpfolder and themefolder with your information.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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