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  • everything was fine last time i logged in to my admin, then last night when i logged in my dashboard was broken (it looks like a list – with very little html and nothing works). i figured it was a temporary glitch and went to bed… but it’s still broken (in several browsers and on several computers)!!! my web host tech support claims it is not a server issue but a problem with wordpress. i did nothing in my wp admin. this just happened out of nowhere!

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  • I am afraid that this is not a simple problem that can be answered in a few lines.

    There are so many possibilities. Did you try to flush the cache of your browser ? Do you see any error message ?

    Otherwise, I suggest you find an expert to take a look at your problem.

    Hello biancasivan,

    Try renaming your plugins folder. If you’re not using the default template rename your active template folder as well. This will disable plugins and force WordPress to use the default template.

    You mentioned it

    (it looks like a list – with very little html and nothing works

    which concerns me about your index.php in your wp-admin folder. Make sure it’s there and even if it is, it might be a good idea to upload a fresh wp-admin index.php file into your wp-admin folder. Just download the WordPress installation package, unzip it on your local computer, locate the index.php file in wp-admin and upload it to your wp-admin on your server (using either FTP or your web host’s file manager).

    Hope this helps!

    Dear Christi –
    You’re a genius and you saved the day!!! I didn’t want to mess with my plugins ’cause my site would be useless without my main plugin (s2member); however, I had an older index.php file in the wp-admin folder on my computer so I uploaded it to the site in place of the corrupted ‘new’ one (how that happened I’ll never know) – and voila! It’s fixed!! Hope it doesn’t freak out again for no reason…
    Thank you so so so much,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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