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  • About the site:

    I know my site is going to be large, well over a 100 pages and maybe into the 1000’s. It is a Bible Study site.

    The site is 100% all pages and no posts.

    Most pages are sub-pages under parent pages.

    Right now I am using the post name for permalink setting.

    Conflicting Information:

    1. I read that using post name only can cause the site to slow down after awhile, since it creates too many rules for the server to go through calling up a URL.

    2. That this problem has been fixed in Word Press 3.3

    3. Other sites say it is best to start with a numeric number anyhow.

    4. Using a numeric number on a large site the number would become bulky


    1)Has the issue been fixed with WordPress 3, and I can just use the post name? Fingers crossed.

    If NO:
    2) Do I need to use numeric number before the post name?
    a)Would it be better to use the post ID post name?
    b)How would I do that?

    3)If I can use the numeric number after the post name, then could I just use numeric under common settings?

    I’m thinking more about functionality, speed, and bandwidth at this point in time.

    Other Thoughts:

    What good is a site even for my own personal use if it takes too long to load?

    This issue is making my head spin even without taking into consideration the SEO aspect of things. I don’t think I’ll ever wrap my head around that.

    Sorry this was so long. I tried to make it as easy to read as possible.
    Thanks for any replies.

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  • Questions:

    1)Has the issue been fixed with WordPress 3, and I can just use the post name? Fingers crossed.

    yes, based on wordpress announcement.

    For bandwith, shorter link is better. Even just few digits, it could save bandwith.

    Better if you have fast loading speed. think about visitors mind instead SEO.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Has nothing to do with bandwidth, loading speed, or even SEO.

    It has everything to do with people like how it looks. That’s all.

    And yes, you can totally use /postname/ with no issues 🙂 That said, keep in mind what your READERS will like. Dates are important to readers.

    (It used to make your site slower but that’s due to how URLs were parsed, and is a subtly different issue.)

    Thank you both. I’ll keep the permalinks as they are then.

    I’m not putting dates in. What good is having a date in the URL when most pages will be updated frequently? There are 66 books in the Bible, and I only got done with One chapter in One book. That is why I wanted to address the permalink issue now instead of 10 books in, and a lot of internal links going to various pages.

    I’m trying to think ahead, and am keeping in mind potential visitors. I’m trying to make a nice clean site with an easy navigation. Now that I’m past the permalink concern, I’m more worried about navigation and easy to read content for myself and others more than anything else at this point. I can only do this with WP without getting overwhelmed.

    Right now, I’m saying heck with SEO. I have a Bible to study and a site to build. That has been and still is an adventure.

    Don’t worry too much about SEO right now. You’re doing the right thing with focusing on the user-experience, navigation, and most importantly, content.

    I have my website with ATT. My wordpress page for my “Home” page is not pointing correctly. I know very little about WordPress, etc.
    Can anyone help?
    thanks, Brad

    Please open a new thread with your question. It would also be helpful if you provide a link.

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