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  • Hello, I recently changed my domain name from to I actually called (where my site is hosted) and they made the switch for me on their end.

    The problem is, since the switch, I’ve been encountering problems they say they can’t fix. They are WordPress problems. I have read some documentation in codex that has fixed one problem, but the other documentation I’ve found is confusing me.

    My main issues now are:

    – When reloading the page (and sometimes when viewing it for the first time), a website does not show up, only a list of words that were on the site. What can I do to make the website show up correctly each time?

    – When the website does show up as it should, my menus are gone. I have 3 menus with the theme I’m using, 2 at the top and one in the footer and none of them show up at all.

    – None of my pictures are showing up. I looked in the media section and they all still have the old url as the location of the media files. I have installed the Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin per instructions from some of the codex documentation, but that did not work. It said “Success your URLs have been updated” but nothing changed. I logged out, logged back in, still nothing. The old URLs are still showing as the location for the media files.

    Can anyone give me any help? I have created this site for a client, switched it over and now I’m having these major problems. I really need some help with this please.

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  • Sounds like a problem with elements in your database or in your HTML not changing their URL to match the new domain (at least in the case of pictures and possibly the reloading problem).

    Have you tried switching to WordPress’s default theme, Twenty Eleven and disabling or deleting all your plugins to check if this is causing the problem?

    You can also use a plugin like Search and Replace to replace any files within your WordPress install that have the old domain name with the new domain name. Use wisely though, these changes are permanent, but may help with some of your issues.

    I just changed to the Twenty Eleven theme and when I went onto the page where you change themes I noticed that none of the pictures are showing up. Even the thumbnails of what the themes should look like are not showing up before activating them. Once activating the Twenty Eleven theme, I went to the Theme Options tab and everything looked haywire. Like a list of words, instead of how it should look.

    I’m starting to think I need to just start over from the beginning with a fresh install of WordPress. It looks like something major is missing. I am scared of the search and replace plugin because of the permanency of it. And none of the options it says it changes includes the media or menus. So I don’t know that it would fix my problems.

    Thanks for your response though.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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