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  • Hello!

    I’m new to WordPress. I’ve encountered a problem while trying to utilize the “Gallery” feature.

    Let me preface my question by warning you that I am NOT tech savvy, and I’ve been muddling my way through my website setup by watching innumerable YouTube videos. So, if anyone is kind enough to help me resolve this problem, pretty please use small words in your explanations! (And no mysterious acronyms). Now, onto my question…

    My website address is:, and I’m using the Twenty Eleven theme.

    I have a small gallery of around 12 photographs I’d like to include on my “Who Am I?” page. I followed the directions I found here ( for setting up my gallery. But when I view the page, there are no thumbnails showing at all. When I click on the blank space where the thumbnails should be, full-size images show up and I can scroll through my gallery just fine. But where are the thumbnail versions of the gallery?

    Further info if it’s helpful:

    1. My individual images range from 2.7-3.7 GB.
    2. Although I did follow the directions as I mentioned, I noticed that some options were missing from my dashboard. For example, when I click ADD MEDIA from my dashboard, there is no option for setting up a gallery visible. I can only see the CREATE GALLERY option when I’m editing an actual page and click the ADD MEDIA button within the page.
    3. Also when I click on SETTINGS  MEDIA, there’s no mention of an IMAGE GALLERY CAROUSEL. The only options available are IMAGE SIZES (thumbnail, medium and large), and UPLOADING FILES, nothing more.

    Can anybody help me? (Remember small words please!!)

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  • Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    It looks like your thumbnails are set to 1px x 1px.
    I can see them in the HTML code and that’s just too small.
    What are your settings set to?

    With regards to point #2, those instructions are for sites hosted at Sites over there have slightly different options than self-hosted sites.

    Hi Christine, thanks for the fast reply! I know I didn’t change any of the settings. Where would I find the gallery thumbnail settings?

    And is there a specific set of gallery directions for sites?

    Hi again,

    I still can’t figure out how to see where the settings for my gallery thumbnails are. Choosing thumbnail size isn’t an option available when I edit each picture within my gallery. In my GALLERY SETTINGS, I see the thumbnail size is set to 150px X 150 px, so I’m assuming the 1px thumbnail settings you (Christine) could see must be somewhere else?

    If anyone can help me find how to change the GALLERY thumbnail settings sizes, and especially what I should change them to, I would be most grateful!

    Thank you,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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