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    Ok, I know this is my fault but… I recently logged into my wordpress to find that I have “42765” comments awaiting moderation. ALL SPAM. The problem is that there are so many on the page that it never gets to the bottom where I can click “Select All”, then “Delete all”, I get an error message saying…

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/XXXXXX/public_html/blog/wp-includes/functions-formatting.php on line 586

    Is there any way or any plug in that I can use to delete all of them quickly, without clicking them one at at a time?

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  • 42 thousand??? Oh my gawd!

    Hopefully, someone will be able to help.

    Well…. hmmmm. Try a search using the box at the top of the forum list, search for “mass spam delete”. There have been some threads last few months, and maybe some of them have solutions….

    Nothing yet. 🙁

    Been typing in “keywords” into the Mass Comment Editor and deleting from there. Alot have common e-mails or subjects. I guess I will just keep going.

    Don’t you have any anti-spam plugins?
    That should be everybody’s first thing to do when installing.

    Can’t you edit/delete all that garbage directly in the database?

    Just throwing this out here, this CJD Spam Nuke plugin will delete ALL the comments marked “spam”..

    I hope this might help..then, sometime..haha. I’m currently using it now, and I love it! 😉 (It’s working on my version 2.0.5 main blog.)

    /I know of course.. your’s isn’t probably marked as “spam”, but you’ll have to do that first though. =/

    Or, if some database guru comes around here, they could give a database query to run, to drop ALL the comments, with more then ONE or TWO links in “them”.. Or, have a query to run to drop that table, and rebuild it fresh.. =/

    I’m not sure if that would be possible or whatever.. but, worth a shot I guess.. =/


    /Maybe that’s not a good idea, but just a thought.. =/

    I see to recall that Spam Karma 2 would process all the “marked spam” stuff upon installation.

    I have recently installed Akismet, which is catching a lot of it now. I finally got the # of moderated comments down to something that I could get rid of through deleting comments with “key” words, like penis, porn, poker, car loans, etc.. hahaha

    So I am down to 0 and Akismet is keeping me a bit more sane.

    Thanks for all the responses, and most of you are right… nothing was marked as Spam, just marked as decide later.

    The majority of my SPAM is coming from 2 sources… and Is there anyway of blacklisting them from my blog or blocking their IP?

    If anyone wants to spam blast them or mass e-mail them, that would be great. I don’t know how to do stuff like that well. But if someone needs to take anything out on someone… take it out on the 2 emails above.

    Glad to hear you got it down to being manageable, now! 😉


    Or, have a query to run to drop that table, and rebuild it fresh.. =/

    Login to PHPMyAdmin to the corresponding database of your WP Installation. You should see a list of the different tables.

    Find wp_comments in that list of tables and click on Empty.

    EDIT: Too late 🙁

    Only a good idea if there’s nothing IN that table that you want to keep….

    K, so all the spam is gone and all the new stuff is getting blocked. I guess the thing now is… How the eff do I stop my blog from begging spammed?! Or atleast more than it is right now.

    The spammers will always be there. Odds are, you’re picking up Trackback spam. You can disable that for all posts, but then you’ll never get valid trackbacks.

    Instead, have a look at Bad Behavior plugin. It stops the obvious ones before they ever hit your blog. I’ve found it works great with either Akismet or Spam Karma 2.

    Well, you can’t stop it “being spammed”, all you can really do is stop the spam from displaying. Start with Bad Behavior and Spam Karma 2 plugins – go here: Plugins – or akismet and Spam Karma 2 (though akismet is not as good an option as Bad Behavior).

    Really, those two plugins will do a workhorse job for you. Start there….

    [Handyman, I’m gonna stop – you always type faster’n me….]

    Since the “main issue” has apparently been “fixed”, can this be marked as [Resolved] now, or..? Just was wondering..


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