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  • I just logged into my admin dashboard as I always do, and all I’m looking at are my comments and recent posts.

    ALL incoming links just went poof!

    Any suggestions? This is freakin me out.

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  • Patience. That’s just technorati being down or slow. It won’t break your blog.

    I will take your word on this HandySolo, as you have much more knowledge than I do, but it scared the hell out of me too. Funny thing though, I went to Technoarti and they still show the links, it is just my dasboard that doesn’t.


    For what it’s worth, I’m seeing the same thing on my blogs. In previous versions that would “hang” the dashboard page. Now, fetching that technorati bit is async so if it isn’t there right away, no harm.

    Thanks so much, they are indeed still in technorati; phew!

    But I just dont get it. I’ve had the blog up since Dec. and this is the first time this has happened…why all the links at once and any idea when they will come back?

    I have the same thing too. There’s no incoming links on my dashboard. Glad to know that I’m not the only one having this issue.

    this must be a wordpress problem, no? out of nowhere, my incoming links list simply disappeared. yesterday. i didn’t do anything that woulda changed that, as far as i know.

    I noticed this week that all of mine are gone too – I have 10 blogs and not one of them have it there. And some are with earlier versions of WP.

    Yeah is this not a wordpress thing?
    Can it not be fixed?
    I really liked that information…it was important!

    I’ll add to this problem, which I do think is limited to WordPress—My site meter won’t work, and I even tried another version–as soon as I install a site meter/counter it messes up my blog.

    and for me this happened after we attempted to upgrade..I say attempted because the upgrade didn’t work with one of my sites…but now both are not showing the backlinks….

    Is anyone going to be looking at this and trying to fix it?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    For crying out loud, people. It happened to everybody at the same time because Technorati is not working properly.

    In other words, the links disappeared because the source of those links is unavailable.

    It’s not a WordPress thing.
    It’s not a bug.
    Nobody can fix it.
    Wait for Technorati to make their systems work again.

    What you see on and what you see in the incoming links are served by different parts of technorati. Not seeing those incoming links is not a flaw or a bug, it means that technorati’s search mechanism is too busy/overloaded to respond right now.


    Patience indeed. Thanks for the info y’all. I noticed the disappearance of Incoming Links this morning and was wondering what was up.





    Will reuploading my files fix this??!! Or should I just reinstall?

    (A terrible attempt at levity, I know)

    My incoming links are back up again 🙂 Just letting you know

    Mine are not. This happened with my update of WP last week. Help?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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