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    I have a few blogs under the same host. All worked fine, until 2 days ago, when one of them stopped getting updates at the dashboard’s “Other WordPress News”, at the same time as it gets loads of spam in the Comments area.

    I checked Akismet’s configuration, which displays a message saying: “The key you entered could not be verified because a connection to could not be established. Please check your server configuration.”

    Not only is my server enabled to connect to Akismet (my other blogs don’t display the same error and are hosted in the same server – besides, allow_url_fopen is ON, and they do not block outbound port 80 calls).

    So right now I have a nonfuncioning Akismet, and a dashboard which does not update the News.

    Any solutions, please?

    Thank you very much!

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  • enxaqueca


    I would really appreciate your comments… Anything I should tell my host to look for? They are trying to be helpful, but they appear to be clueless so far.



    Who is your host, where is your website, what is your WP version, what is your Akismet version, what other WP plug-ins do you have – You have no information for us even to take guesses about.



    Hello macsoft3, and thank you so very much for your help!

    My host if ixwebhosting, they are probably WordPress friendly, since they offer a one-click installation.

    My website is . A more recently created blog, , hosted in the same account, is similarly affected. Both domains are linux based, and have dedicated IPs. I have a third blog with the same host, – this one is windows server-based, and working just fine.

    My WP version is 2.3.2

    My Akismet version is 2.1.3 – but please note, the issue is also affecting Stats, which also requires my API – plus, as I mentioned, I am getting no updates in my “Other WordPress News”, at the entry /wp-admin page.

    I have a number of plugins at my older blog ( and only the default Akismet and Hello Dolly plugins at my newer blog (, but please note, I have already tried deactivating all my plugins and reactivating only Akismet – but got the same error message.

    Any information you might consider useful in this puzzle, please let me know.




    IX Web Hosting? I don’t like IX Web Hosting. I have no suggestions to make for now, anyway.

    Good luck



    So, you made me waste time writing information that is absolutely irrelevant, therefore useless in solving this problem – just as had I thought before posting them – and all you have to say is you “don’t like IX Web Hosting”? It would have been much better if you had just ignored my request.

    And who cares whether you like IX Web Hosting or not?? Is this the issue here at all?

    But since you’ve brought it up: I have been with IX Web Hosting for two years, and so far I have had a wonderful web hosting experience. I’m renewing for a third year next month. Their Tech Support people have always been very nice and quite effective. I can reach them at any time of day or night, through live chat, where I have had many urgent issues solved at the spot. I have had no technical issue, so far, which has not been solved quickly and effectively by IX Web Hosting’s Technical Support. We are all human, and none of us knows all – like now! Some issues may be more challenging than others, but, I can see they are trying hard in this case. Hopefully they will solve this issue, and I will post the solution here as soon as it happens.

    I am a medical doctor, I authored several books in my field, and I host my professional Website, which is vital to me, plus three important WordPress blogs, at IX Web Hosting. There has been no significant downtime. I have changed server platforms, from Windows to Linux-based, and per my request, they – not I – moved my WP database to the new server, as I had difficulty doing it myself. And they did it in just 24 hours. I can host unlimited websites, I can even register a few new domains for free. They provide me with dedicated IPs for each unlimited number of domains and subdomains I might need.

    I like IX Web Hosting. A lot!

    I cannot say the same – actually, I can and will say the opposite, every time the subject is brought! – of my experience with the WordPress Support Forums, when it comes to being “helped” by moderators. Asking me all those questions, only to reply that you don’t like IX Web Hosting!!!

    Fellow Forum members, I will appreciate any ideas about how to solve my issue, should you have a suggestion. It looks like some moderators are just too grouchy and forget they are here to help, not criticize without any purpose at all.



    And yes indeed, I have received a final reply from IX Web Hosting’s Tech Support. It reads:

    “Could you please contact Akismet plugin’s developers and let them know about this issue. It does not seem to be related to the web server’s settings and should be investigated from their side. Please let us know the outcome after you get any updates from those developers. We hope for your understanding and cooperation. Thanks. Feel free to contact us anytime, we are available 24/7.”

    I have, indeed, written Akismet an e-mail about this issue two days ago, but guess what? I’ve got no reply at all!


    It seems, indeed, with all probability, to be a problem (intermittent, so far) with Akismet and WordPress as a whole, because as of 15 minutes ago, the issue cleared completely and everything is back to normality. So far.

    Although I am changing this issue to [Resolved], SOMEONE should contact WordPress and Akismet about this.

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