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    Okay, I am attempting to edit my WordPress website. The website is already created. The only way I am able to edit it is by logging in online at, and typing in my username and password. I don’t have FileZilla or anything like that to “FTP”, etc. (I’ve tried downloading that and I can’t get it to connect.)

    Here’s my problem. There is a slideshow on the front page of my website. I can’t get rid of it, and I need to. I have tried going into the Theme Editor and deleting what I think is the code for the slider, but I keep getting an error message that says “theme does not exist”. I cannot create a static home page because the person whose website this is wants her posts on her homepage, and everything else left exactly the same (which I guess means I have to keep most of the theme the same)…she just wants this slideshow gone. PLEASE help! Let me know if you need more info.

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  • How about some helpful data, like the theme you are using, the plugin that delivers the slideshow, a link to your real site.

    Sorry, I’m super new at this, so feel free to continue to let me know what you need. The site is The Theme is Malec Herring & Krause. I BELIEVE the plugin is s3slider. I don’t see any kind of slider in the plugins tab, but when I look at the theme code and search for “slide” this is the code that comes up…

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    Well, a quick solution if you are in a hurry is to put some css at the bottom of your stylesheet:

    #headline {

    This will hide the entire div #headline, which holds the slideshow. If this div is used on other pages then you will be hiding it there as well.

    This is only temporary until you find the code, as the images are still loading in the background and putting unnecessary load on your server.

    Try looking in the header.php file for code that inserts the javascript for the slideshow.

    Hi garydarling! I really appreciate your help. Unfortunately, the problem I am having is that every time I try to edit the code for the theme, I get an error message saying “The requested theme does not exist.” It doesn’t let me edit the code at all. That’s the thing that is most frustrating. I am only able to edit this online, logged into wordpress. I don’t have wordpress downloaded to my computer.

    Try removing the ampersand (&) from the theme name at the top of the file and see if that cures it.

    So instead of Malec Herring & Krause make it Malec Herring Krause

    Hm, the error is still popping up. I read somewhere that I may need to change my permissions? Does that maybe have something to do with it?

    Not likely, WordPress is pretty good about that. Can you copy/paste the theme comments (everything inside the top /* */)?

    Yep, here it is.

    Theme Name: Malec Herring & Krause
    Theme URI:
    Description: Designed for WordPress.
    Version: 0.3
    Author: John Brien Dilts
    Author URI:
    The CSS, XHTML and design is released under GPL:

    I’m still seeing the ampersand in the Theme Name, my research tells me that is the culprit. Did you change it back?

    Well, I didn’t change it back because it didn’t let me delete it at all. I delete the ampersand, and try to save it, and it says “This theme does not exist.”

    Can you log into the host’s server and access the files thru a control panel? If so, you can upload or overwrite the file to get rid of the ampersand.

    Or have you tried to change themes in WordPress admin? If you can do that, change to the default WP theme, then you can still access the MHK theme thru the Theme editor in WP admin.

    Would the host’s server be FatCow? What exactly is this? I’m sorry, thank you for being so patient with me.

    And what is the WordPress admin? Is that under the Appearance tab?

    I’m sorry I know so little!

    Yes, FatCow appears to be hosting your files. I suggest you try logging into the control panel using the MKH domain name as the username, and whatever password they gave you. I’m sure you can request a new password from FatCow if you no longer have it. In fact you could probably start a support ticket with them to help get this resolved.

    The WordPress Admin is the backend you have already been working in with WordPress – Appearance is one of the tabs in the Admin section. Only administrators such as yourself see that portion of the MKH website.

    Thank you!!! I am just waiting to get the login information, as my password didn’t work and I don’t have access to the e-mail that a new password would be sent to. As soon as I do that I’m going to try it. Thank you so much for your help and for being so patient. I will let you know if that doesn’t work for some reason!

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