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  • please help. I know nothinig about codes and have read everything to try and figure it out but everything i read is almost written in code. I cant do anything without doing code ? I mean thats fine i guess but there is nowheere to start learning. im trying to set up the keywords, tags and meta tags for my site and have them for each page. I read the directions and there in no way helpfull to sm1 who has no experience. it says to type them in on the header php. and gives a coded line to look for where to type. Well i first spent a day just trying to find how to get to this header php thing, found it and the code is not even close to the direction. I have free ebooks to put on my site and ones that cost $. If i cant even put a keyword in how am i going to do that. I cant even put the facebook like and twitter. I jst dnt get why the documentation is written like this. I feel like i cant do anything without paying sm1 alot of money. I dnt have any money. I made this site to make money, sold my car and put all chips in one bag for one more shot @ life and am getting very scared here..sm1 please help

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  • Hi,

    You could try an SEO plugin which will create the keywords meta tags automatically for the pages you’re trying to create.

    Unfortunately if you want to customise WordPress, sometimes it will require the odd bit of coding. More often that not there is a plugin available.

    Hope this helps:


    Thank you very much, really. Nice to see people wanting to take the time to help! I have read about the plugins but, it said smthing about installing it could mess up other existing important code. Do i need to worry about that? Also im going to have to learn (i assume ) some code entry when i go to put in the like facebook box, twitter follw logo and i have no clue on how to put products on the site to sell.

    Sometimes plugins may not work with the version of WordPress you have, or on the odd occasion a plugin may conflict with another installed plugin.

    In which case you can just deactivate the offending plugin in the admin interface.

    Yes, if you want to set up and run a website, you will need to learn some basic coding at the very least.

    For something like Facebook and Twitter, they provide the code, which you can just copy and paste in, without having to do anything.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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