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  • Can someone please help. I’ve gone through several tutorials on various sites to figure out how to “do” the three points below. Apparently I’m a complete idiot…I can’t figure it out…
    1. The blog has 3 columns,- I would like the middle one to be broader, and that at the expence of the other two columns. The two outside columns are just taking up space…
    2. How do I add stuff to the rightside column.
    3. How do I add target=”_parent to all my links….where in the WP folder on the server…which file..which setting?
    The stylesheet can be found here:
    My blog:

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  • As I understand your code you currently have your blog set up in a frameset. It is not really necessary even on a 3 column and it may limit the flexibility you have. It may also inhibit the css gurus here from giving you a hand. 😉

    OK..thx Root…Maybe I should switch over to another stylesheet…

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    @madsen – i just posted to another thread – Design-3 Columns ?

    Well like all blogs 3 column layouts obviously require close integration twixt blog index and the css. The beginning of success of any template is to get all the boxes nested correctly. That requires a plan. The boxes(divs) need to go into the index. Then the CSS can be used for positioning. Please do not think that the css
    will do it alone. And certainly not when used with a frameset. It is so long sinc I used one I have forgotten how they work. Good luck. Love your blog.

    Thx…Root…I’m afraid I don’t have the skills it takes to customize a 3 column blog. I think I’ll be better off with a simpler that I can handle 🙂
    Glad you like my blog…thx 🙂
    Podz…thx…I’ll check out the thread…

    Love the title of your blog, Madsen 😛

    Thx Oisin :-)…are you danish?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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