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  • spacexgen


    Hello to all members, Please review and give suggestion or feedback to my tech blog.

    Need suggestion about design, speed, or anything that will improve it. Thanks

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  • Colin1M


    Looks like a good site:
    I would move “Privacy PolicyContact usAbout” to footer

    Featured offer does not sit correctly over banner.
    3rd Image Down is wrong size.

    Would probably make background a touch darker.

    Thanks Colin1M, I will try to improve with your suggestion..
    Give more if any 🙂

    Looks simple, clean. I would suggest adding a dedicated contact form where users can submit news/tips etc.

    Thanks “startuplift”,
    Contact form is already in contact us page, you mean a special page for submit content or tips ?

    I don’t see you collecting email addresses on your home page. It should be your #1 priority.
    Also, would you want to frequent a tech site where that last post was 20-days ago?

    Thanks “webene” for suggestion. And yes posting content is very slow now. I will increase frequency in very soon.

    I have changed theme, and made some more changes. Please give feedback

    I like it! Colors pop, well organized. I would suggest maybe making your header a little larger and move or make the ad directly below smaller.

    Thanks for your idea “heatherdamron” . I will try to make a bigger header … Any other suggestions Please put. 🙂

    Made many changes now, please rate it and give more suggestions

    Good job spacexgen,
    but I personally don’t like at all header.
    Try to change their colors, and font “It’s all about Tech Things”
    Rest looks really great!

    Improving is continues job, Thanks gamer1916

    It’s clean although you could use some design improvement around the header area. [Moderator note: Please create your own thread to discuss your own blog]

    Yes, I will improve header area, working on improved theme,
    Thanks gadgetmilk

    Its taking more time to load site, suggest you to put images in 96dpi with smaller size so, the site can load faster. or if you can put more images in CSS that would be good for your site.

    *Need to change logo, no satisfied with current one it just look like normal text.

    * Footer area need to be improved

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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