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  • As I see more and more DUDA websites (yet another competitor to WordPress) I’m thinking about what would make WordPress better and the people who use it day in and day out “happier”? As my dad would say, “what makes the boat go faster?”, meaning how can we do more in less time with better results? I’m suggesting lowering the number of clicks required in the backend of WordPress. Computers are fast and peoples websites are getting bigger and we are still stuck with default 20 pages/posts/products default pagination. Can you change the default on new installs to 99 or more? If you only have 20 pages/post/products nothing will appear different BUT if all your clients have more than 20 of everything, it will reduce the number of clicks for people like me tremendously!

    We can change the number of pages/posts/products under display options, I understand that – I’m saying I think the default number should be much higher than 20. If it was at least 100 by default, that would save teams of designers a bunch of time. I think it should default to 200

    Also, the number of images in the media area, can we up that default to say 200 also? I do not think any of my 300+ client websites have less than 80 images – the client I’m working on today has 286 images and their site isn’t even launched/live.

    Any one else care to share their opinion? Is there a reason why the default pagination settings can’t be higher? Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Tilda, Duda – are all upping their game to garner market share and they all compare themselves to WordPress, meaning they want more WordPress marketshare. Now that you have this fancy block builder (that I don’t use, it also increases the number of clicks required) I believe taking unhelpful constraints away would make the boat go faster. I personally despise hidden UI too but that’s a discussion for a different post.

    Thanks for listening and thanks even more for hearing and deciding to implement this suggestion.


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