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    Hi there,

    This plugin is great! I’m trying to get it to work on my own website. I’ve added the hidden field on step 1 and step 2, but when I go to the second page, I only get the error “Please fill out the form on the previous page”.

    The form isn’t displayed at all, neither the other information on the page.

    I’ve added add_filter(‘cf7msm_force_session’, ‘__return_true’); to my functions.php.

    Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thank you in advance!

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  • I too am encountering this after following the very simple instructions given.

    There may be a single thing we are missing, Robin.

    I hope this gets answered, as nobody else has posted about this yet.

    Hi guys,

    First of all thanks for developing this plug-in, it works(/ed) great. But as of today I noticed the same problem as described by Robin and Tekkaman: I can’t get to the 2nd page of my form. I keep getting the “Please fill out the form on the previous page” message.

    I’ve reinstalled CF7 as well as the multistep plugin, cleared cookies and added the add_filter to my functions.php.

    Hoping for answers as well, thanks in advance!

    Plugin Author webheadcoder


    I’m pretty sure the issue is the cookie is not being cleared. Try clearing cookies in the browser, closing the browser, reopen and try again. Or try use a browser you haven’t used to visit the site.

    Others have also resolved your problems by resinstalling plugins. Delete the contact form 7 plugin, delete this multi-step plugin, and reinstall the plugins. Upgrading to the latest version of WordPress couldn’t hurt either.

    Hi there,

    I’ve tried clearing the cookies, but it’s still giving the same error. The posted_data cookie looks like this:


    Is that correct?

    The check cookie is 1 and the prev_url gives the right previous url.

    I’m testing locally, so I can’t give you the url to see what’s going wrong. Maybe one of the others is having the same problem online?

    I’ve reinstalled the plugins, but still nothing changed. Is it necessary to also clear the data?

    Thank you again!

    Yes! After deleting the cookies and the data, it’s working! Great!!! Thank you so much for this plugin, it’s exactly what I needed 🙂

    Just another question. Is it possible to use to posted data as a value or placeholder element for the second contact form? When I use it like [form field_dep], it shows only “].

    [date date-327 date-format:mm/dd/yy “[form field_dep]”]

    Is there a way to do this?


    Plugin Author webheadcoder


    I haven’t using it as a placeholder before. If what you tried doesn’t work then I don’t think there’s a way to currently do this.

    It’s working here as well, thanks for your support! (I did not paste the fix in the functions.php correctly, my bad…)

    Same issue for me. Did update to WordPress 3.6 – didnt solve the issue? What else can I do? tried it on a different browser on different pc… so I guess this is no cookie issue

    After deleting W3TC and adding the functions.php Session Hack. Form seemed to work. So but now I am facing the same error again on when trying to go back from my step 5 page to 4 or 4 back to 3.

    And Yes I have in all the forms the correct [hidden ste “$”] tag…

    Only thing I am thinking of, might be that in the first form it stored a wizard form with maximal 3 steps. I later switched to 5…

    Do I have to redo all my 5 forms to check?

    Any hint on that?


    Robi what do you mean by deleting date? Browser data?

    For me problem seems to be serverside. without the functions.php hack nothing works. No i am running in the issue that the back button only works for 2back1 of my 5 step form…


    What can I do?

    best regards

    I’ve the same problem….I’m sure that is not a cookie problem but I’ve not hack functions.php what Can I do ?

    everything is set up correctly – I’ve tried the functions.php fix but still get the dreaded “Please fill out the form on the previous page” error.

    This is the second ‘unsolvable’ error with this plugin before I could get it to work, so unfortunately I’ll have to leave it there. If anyone knows of an alternative that can be set up easily please leave suggestions here (I’m trying next an embedded jotform).

    Thomas Chuntic


    I am also getting this error any fixed yet? Hope plugin author will find fixed for this error.




    Nope. Thinking I’ll need to use the “Gravity Forms” plugin if I need a contact form that works over several pages.

    Plugin Author webheadcoder


    Not sure why this wasn’t happening on my website until this past week, but since it is I was able to resolve it. This issue happens on servers with magic quotes turned off. I was checking for magic quotes, but apparently wordpress also adds slashes.

    Please try version 1.3.6. “Please fill out the form on the previous page” error should be fixed.

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