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  • Unless you want to be used as a BETA tester, do not buy this plugin. We found multiple bugs in this plugin. Ranging from “features not working” to “messing up existing mail templates”.

    Our first run in with Support for this plugin was because, it couldn’t find any product from our page. They requested access to our site, so i gave them access to the site. It wasn’t enough, they wanted Database access AND FTP access. As a tech, i can understand. They fixed this bug. so ok, but then I noticed our site was renamed to “Up and Running”. So I changed it back thinking it was a one time thing, and the guys wanted to check if it was online or something.

    New problem arrised; Templates couldn’t be saved. Contacted support again they fixed it. AGAIN our site name was changed to Up and Running. And i discovered that when you activate this plugin, but have no admin-emails setup in it, it will send admin-emails with a blank-body. They fixed the template save thing. But still it was messing with the default admin mails. I thought i’ll have a look myself. and found a piece of code that would change $BLOGNAME to “Up and Running” every PAGE-VIEW! so our customers were getting emails from “Up and Running”. Thanks for that BTW!

    After that i decided that i lost my trust in their expertise and removed all access. I told them they would be able to access the site under my supervision with teamviewer or such, but no longer through FTP, no account, no DB password.

    The plug-in itself WHEN it works, is buggy and not ready for production:
    – It’s “drag and drop” function doesn’t work properly
    – It will always add objects at the top, and then you can (hopefully) get it to shift
    – If you use multiple same object-types, and try to edit them, it will always edit the top item, even if you click the edit-icon on the other object.
    – If you use multiple same object-types, it will copy the last one, instead of a new one.

    These AND the bugs we encountered AND the lack of professionalism in their support, caused us to ask for a refund. But they say they can’t do a refund. Their refund policy says it’s because their plugin doesn’t have a license activation, so we would be able to happily (cough) use this plugin without paying for it. We have multiple paid plugins that we’re happy to pay for. But this thing is not worth it.

    Oh and… If they fix your bugs, they fix it FOR YOUR SITE ONLY. So aparently there’s no update for the repository it’s all custom made. I think that’s bad coding.

    Let this be a warning. Do NOT pay 99$ for this plugin.

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