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  • This is a plugin few users need, and a hell of a lot of us will reject. Change doesn’t automatically equal improvement. I literally cannot think of a scenario in which it improves the user/editor experience. If it becomes part of core, I’ll have to disable it on dozens of sites.
    Why isn’t it possible to give 0 stars? Now that’s something that could use some improvement.

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  • I agree. Based on the reviews I’ve seen, it seems like the developers want to force people into developing text in blocks, but that defeats the purpose of a text editor, by making you stop and format every paragraph as a separate block.

    Leave this as an optional plugin. Do not remove the current editor.

    The developers complain that many negative reviewers aren’t referencing specific bugs or missing functionalities. They aren’t, because those things are trivial compared to the underlying problem. Bugs can be fixed and functionalities can be added, but none of that will fix the disastrous impact Gutenberg will have to the majority of users if it becomes part of the core. Focusing debate on trivial issues diverts it from what should be discussed, and that the developers do not want to discuss, so negative reviews that didn’t site trivial issues that can be fixed were deleted (though now, after censorship-complaints, are being restored).

    The current WordPress editor has frustrating bugs or design flaws, depending on points of view, that should have been fixed long ago. There likely would be broad support for improvements, but Gutenberg will not be an improvement. It will be such a huge jump in the wrong direction that either WordPress will be forked or the majority will move to something else.

    I’m ready for WordPress to be forked as a CMS engine.

    All of the so-called improvements over the last few years have focused on making WordPress a better blog platform. Or maybe those are just the improvements Automattic chooses to make a big deal about. But blog improvements tend to create additional issues for WP as a CMS. Maybe it’s time to go our separate ways.

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    @raygulick firstly, all feedback is good and even if it’s not able to translate into specific issues, it applies. One thing I thought worth mentioning is that there will be a way you can ‘turn off’ Gutenberg, or that’s the current plan. How this happens isn’t really something set yet. But, it’s not a case of you will never be able to use the existing interface.

    It’s not a complete project and I think that should be something thought about when looking at it. All that said, it’s a fast moving project. This means that a lot has progressed each release (weekly releases have been happening). Would be great if you have time and haven’t looked yet, to get your feedback on the current version.

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