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    I know, it’s been covered A LOT. I’ve tried all the methods, ALL of which seem, even with my basic knowledge, as though they should work.

    I even downloaded a plug in for ‘deactivating title’. The problem is yes it removed the title, but it also removed the name of the page from the menu (nav) bar.

    Here’s the solution I thought I’d like to use if possible (I like to be able to edit the html of each page(I’m very new to CSS) and this way I can edit each page individually with ease (theoretically!).

    display: none !important;

    I found this on the forum and can’t see why it would work except for one thing, the page id. h2.pagetitle.

    Should I have my page id’s in here instead? How would they be written? Based on the link below, I want to remove the title from ‘audio production’ and ‘film production’ but it would be nice to have the option with the others at a later date.

    Any other suggestions you may have is great, I’m willing to try anything now. One of the solutions I’ve seen should definitely have worked already!

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    Do you want to remove all displayed Page titles? Or only some? Posts as well as Pages?

    Just the titles that appear at the top of the ‘AP’ and ‘FP’ pages, above the youtube clips. So just some for now but it would be great if what works for those works for others if copied and amended too, just in case I change my mind. I want their names to remain in the menu bar obviously.

    If by post you mean the small left aligned text above each YouTube clip as well, then hell yes! That would be fantastic. CSS or HTML to be honest but be aware that I’m in a relatively empty child theme so need to know which bit to nick from the parent.




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    the css class .pagetitle does not exist in Twenty Eleven, nor is the page title a h2;

    try .page .entry-title instead.

    additionally, each web page has its unique css class output by the function body_class() which for pages is .page-id-123 where the numbers are the page ID

    ‘audio production’ has the page ID 12
    ‘film production’ has the page ID 14

    in style.css of your child theme you could use:

    .page-id-12 .entry-title,
    .page-id-14 .entry-title { display: none; }

    generally, working with a browser inspection tool such as Firefox’ web developer add-on or Firebug can be very useful to identify those css selectors.


    Once again alchymyth you’ve made my day, thanks!

    Oh I forgot! For my youtube clips, what would be the ID for the text above them?

    I’m so stupid, sorry. It’s text! Thanks again.

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