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  • Resolved fitmywoodfloor


    Since one of the last updates, the above message appears in the entire backend of my site (on every page). I find this very intrusive although I do appreciate I am running the free version of ‘testimonials’ widget.

    It’s a great plugin and I hope to purchase the full version in the future, however, with all due respect, I find this donation box hijacking my complete admin area a little pushy.

    Any thoughts? Or is there any way of removing this besides the obvious..

    Kind regards,


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  • esmi


    Forum Moderator

    I’ve just downloaded & installed this plugin and I only see that notice once – on initial activation.

    Hi esmi,

    What do you think could make it appear on every single backend page? Every time I sign in, it’s haunting me lol.

    It’s on every page, even on other plugin pages, my main wp welcome page, themes page, the lot..



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    I’m not sure. Can you replicate the problem using the default 2011 theme with all other plugins deactivated?

    Incidentally, I’d also recommend that you upgrade to WordPress 3.5.1 asap as, currently, your site is running a real risk of being hacked.

    Thanks esmi 🙂

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    @fitmywoodfloor, the donation notice should only appear once a month or when there’s been a major or minor update of Testimonials Widget. Did esmi’s recommendations help?

    If not, can you let take a look around your admin area to debug? If so, email an admin login to



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    the donation notice should only appear once a month

    Hmm… that could well be contravening the plugin submission guidelines. I’d suggest you remove the monthly repeat notices.

    Michael, if your donation reminder takes over the ENTIRE backend of WP, all screens and panels, then no matter what, no matter if its every month to every year, it is definitely not okay.

    Falls under rule 11 “Thou shalt not hijack the blog admin.”

    Please remove it entirely or change it to only be on the plugin’s setting screen.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    @ipstenu, it’s a small admin notice. I shows up at the top of the screen like a “Post saved” If it’s going full screen, then there’s a theme conflict.

    You can see the code for yourself at and search for admin_notices_donate.

    I’ll remove the monthly aspect now.

    I see point 11 of, and given the admin_notice shows once and then shuts itself off, TW plugin seems in compliance. Especially since that once is only on the plugin update.

    In reviewing the code call, do you have recommendations on how to handle it better?

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for any help in advance. I’ve sent you an email.

    Again, thanks to esmi for your contribution.

    Thanks to Ipstenu, although I don’t wish to get anyone into trouble and would think it’s just a slight blip in the matrix, or I’ve messed my settings up somewhere 🙂

    I’ll post the solution below when it has been found for anyone that may be having a similar issue.

    Just to clarify, the donation box shows up at the top of all admin pages. It spans right across the page and is probably around 40 pixels or so in height.

    I can still use my complete admin area. It’s just this donation box is following me around 🙂

    Michaels suggestion that it’s a theme conflict kinda rings a bell..

    I’m using the ‘responsive theme’ (child)

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    The thing is, the code was looking at TW’s own options array and against the time of the current server. It’s possible that options weren’t being set somehow which would’ve kept the box coming up. However, that’d be a sign of a bigger problem.

    Anyways, the monthly reminder code is gone from trunk and will be live with the next release.

    If you need the fix now, use

    Just to clarify, the donation box shows up at the top of all admin pages. It spans right across the page and is probably around 40 pixels or so in height.

    Right that would be against the rules, though on more of an edge case. Basically we don’t want to nag people because it’s a poor user experience, and historically leads to complaints and fewer donations.

    Thank you, Michael 🙂 I appreciate the fast fix!

    Thanks Michael..

    Apologies if I caused a bit of grief there…It’s still a great plugin!! 🙂

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    No worries. The feedback is good and more eyes to make I’m good is better. 😉

    Just to tie this thread up and show to others how the issue was resolved. I was asked by Michael to simply disable and delete testimonials widget from my admin panel and manually install the latest version.

    This solved the issue completely.

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