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  • nothing?

    Still no one wants to touch this eeehh?

    I wrote down my thoughts, now I’m just looking for a publisher.

    Hi Mach2racer your sites are fine but you need some help with your English on both sites so you can sound professional. Go to the community college in your area and advertise or ask student help in the English department, where most students are native speakers. Students work cheap because they are often broke. $20 would get you a couple hours. If you are more specific you could ask for a student with web skills also. But don’t expect charity (free work) from poor students. It would be so much better if you could find something to sell than to solicit donations, spelled wrong on your site. That is not cool and most people are going to react like- why should we- unless I’m very very wrong or unless they’re crazy in love with your site or are looking for people like you to give money to. There’s lots of free stuff out there. Look for Master Resell packages that are often being given away in exchange for your email address. Get into the business, man. Business means you have something valuable that people want to pay money for. Not charity, especially when you call it that, especially in English. Ok you asked for it. And that is all my own opinion. Maybe I’m wrong.

    I didn’t notice I mispelled donations? As for an insult from you. Well if you are smart enough you will know what I would say.. 🙂




    I believe moneysorcerer is referring to your sidebar:


    that is mispelled, and it’s mispelled inside the permalink.

    I have to say, that I kind of agree with her/him too. I dont want to kick you in the face or anything, but your first site, and well the “business” site ‘reads’ very poorly, and its dude to your sentence structure. If English is your native language, you need to pay a little more attention to grammar and punctuation. Remember that the web is read — so unless you can articulate a message that can be read, no-one will get it.

    If, on the other hand, English isnt your native language, you might want to point that out somewhere. A name like Jake suggests otherwise, so the confusion could be be very easily had.

    And while it’s neat that you have a Donatation page, theres no value to your site that supports your cause. I may as well send money to a lycos site. What does that site provide that would cause someone to donate?

    You want money, thats great, we all want money, but you have to better, much better than that, if you want people to open their pocketbooks.

    Just food for thought.

    well thank you all.. At least I got what I wanted for a month now.. Thank you again.

    I read Jake’s About Page and he’s from California. I didn’t get the impression that English is his second language. I do, however, think that MoneySorcerer has a lot of gall since there are several grammar nits on his own front page and these aren’t typos; they smack of a fundamental lack of understanding of proper grammar construction. Now I realize not everyone is an English major, but do think before you throw stones at someone else.

    I’m not real keen on “blegging” myself. If I feel right about it, and the opportunity and method (the donation link or Amazon wish list link) are there, I might do something. But like with certain other acts, I don’t want my head forced down, you know? I don’t think Jake is really “in your face” about donations any more than any other blogger.

    If I were Jake, I’d do more to promote my video services and whatever it is that Mrs. Jake does (the site is a blank page as of this writing).

    Don’t take too much umbrage at this, Jake. Your sites are no better or worse than a number of them out there and at least you have something that a lot of them don’t: original content.

    Happy WordPressing.

    On your production site, the word “meta” was too big. It could probably be removed safely. Also, it looks like the meta plugin disabled part of your left sidepanel.

    OK, I’m headed back to my site to fix it for a while.

    Thanks Joni and Oddb

    I took a look at your site and I did not think it was as bad as what they were saying. There isn’t anything that wrong with your blog, no worse than a ton of them out there. I did notice that your wife’s site was about crocheting. I believe that what you will take away from this is that you will have to do a little tweaking to your sites, and they will be even better, and thats what you will have to do until you find your niche and start getting serious traffic and making some good money.

    good luck

    Well thank you Danoreef

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