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  • It’s simple, I like the overall cleanliness.

    I have 2 suggestions though. Your background image goes from blue to light blue and then abruptly cuts to white as the image is finished. You can get around that issue by doing some simple reading in CSS tutorials on how to make the background image static, so the page would scroll, but the image would not. Also, the header title is OK but it would greatly benefit from something a little more complexe, not too much though as it would clash with the overall esthetics of your layout.

    Hiya..nice website :)specially the photo section is very attractive as well the content and information given in the site are very clear and useful. But there are many drawbacks too like the web pages has lot of scroll. The contact form can be given with a heading of different color so that it gets highlighted. At some places you have placed the form at the extreme end of the page so you can place it in the right hand side of the page making it visible to the readers. So you see these are certain things through which you can make your site more better.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    Thanks so much guys. I truly appreciate the feedback. I always wondered about the background. How do you make the background image static, so the page would scroll, but the image would not?

    feel free to add any additional feedback..:)

    I think there’s too much white space and the text logo needs to look better

    There are a ton of tutorials on CSS. Here is a simple one strictly on fixed background:

    Thanks everyone. I ended up making the following changes:

    # Reduced the with of the website to 880 px
    # Added a little description in the logo
    # Got rid of the background
    # Changed the color of the text in the widget area.

    What do you think? Still look amateurish or do I like simple too much…;)

    any feedback is appreciated…:)

    It looks better than before. 🙂

    If you were to change only one more thing, maybe change the font color of the header image to a color used somewhere else on your site like purple.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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