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  • First of all: this is no support call, it’s already solved (and I won’t go deeper here for now, as all of this could be found by Google already; permissions, FTP-root, chown)

    But PLEASE: fix/expand the error-messages given by WordPress-Updater etc.!!!

    Not “cannot find WP-root” but rather “cannot find WP-root at <relative path xyz> and <absolute path zxy>
    So one sitting in front might get an idea what is going wrong there.

    That’s bad coding style IMHO, to say “I had errors but I won’t tell you where, and with which variables/parameters”
    I have these preoblems over and over again since years and it would be much easier to troubleshoot/fix – if WP would tell me in first place, what & where exactly went wrong.

    Or like (right now!):

    Downloading update from…
    Unpacking the update…

    Where do you try to unpack? Please tell me.

    Could not create directory.
    Which directory? absolute, relative and FTP-path, what is assumed by wordpress ?

    Installation Failed

    Not very helpful..

    best regards, Michael

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  • I do agree, error logs are very important when fixing problems

    Sorry, the errors are very clear to those that understand WordPress and how it works. If your understanding of WordPress is lacking and you do not understand how or where it installs or file permissions it is you that needs to educate yourself. There are a lot of things I do not understand but I do not blame those things for my lack of knowledge.

    @jaycbrf with this opinion to not display error-messages leading the user to the possible source of the error, you should immidiately get a job as UX-designer, Quality-Manager or even Java-programmer 🙂

    It’s surely 1990’s-crap to display exactly what went wrong and where with which parameters (paths)


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