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  • I would greatly appreciate it if you would hop over to:

    and check something for me. Click in the search box and let me know what happens. In FireFox on a Mac, whenever I click into the search box a rectangle of the background blots out the upper left corner of the layout (hard to describe, but obvious if it happens). But it doesn’t seem happen in IE or Safari. I’m hoping to find out how it behaves in other browsers and/or on other platforms, so please report what you used to check it.

    With regard to the cause of this glitch, it seems to be the Google AdSense in the box on the right sidebar, but I can’t figure out how/why it’s happening.

    I would, of course, also appreciate reports of any other glitches that you come across (aside from a lack of content, which is coming as soon as I can get the interface bugs worked out).


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  • i just did a search and looked through the categories and archives using FF in windows xp pro. no problems at all.

    Okay, thanks. On my setup, you don’t even have to run the search. Just click into the search field.

    Anyone else with another configuration? How about IE on Windows?

    i’m using ie 6.0.2 SP2, no problems there either. this link might help you. i didn’t see the ‘valid html’ link in your sidebar, so if you removed it, here you go:

    Thanks. I’ve fixed all of the validation problems and it still gives me the problem. I’m moving this over to the troubleshooting forum.

    Just FYI, I’m running Firefox on a Mac with Adblock configured to block all AdSense ads – everything is fine. But I can duplicate the glitch by turning off Adblock and reloading your page. So, yeah, it’s the Google ads. Not that I have any idea what they’re doing to cause this…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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