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  • If you could, please check my site to see if the header graphic lines up with the navigation bar:

    I’m using the Semiologic 2 colum template (other plugins used are listed in the footer), but have been trying to mod the top to remove the tagline and have the graphic line up with the nav bar, which goes to the left of the blog text (although I can’t find the place in the CSS where this is called out). BTW, I’ve checked the alignment in Internet Explorer and Firefox, and it seems to, although I have some spaces between them in Firefox that aren’t in IE. Even more strange, on the single posts, the header in Firefox is perfectly matched with the nav-bar (no space in between), just not on the front.

    If you see a problem, please post here, along with which browser (and version) you are using.

    Also, I’d be interested in any other comments you have, including speed, layout, etc. Thanks again.

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  • For me, using FF 1.5 and IE6 the header image and navbar at TOP lines up, but the sidebar containing the links and the post part are not lining up at all. =( I’m also using 800×600 res, because of my eyes..but I took that SS at 1024 X 768

    Here’s what I’m seeing.


    Hi spencerp, thanks! But those images are at 1024×768 though, right? If possible, could you post what it looks like at 800×600? I’m guessing you get massive scrolling, right?

    Also, I thought about making the sidebar text smaller. Right now I’ve decided to let it go longer though, and haven’t tried lining this up with the navbar. I may do so though if folks think this looks trashy. Is this your impression?

    sfam, yeah I’ll take SS of it in 800×600, but as for the scrolling, it’s not too bad. Just about 50px worth I guess lol! Not as bad as most out there lmaO! I’ll take some for ya, but you won’t be able to really see what’s different though.. I’ll take them with the sidebar part, not the left side..


    Hi Spencerp, thanks again. I just lined up the blog entries to match the nav bar. Does this lead to less scrolling in 800×600?

    More importantly though, does this still look good not having the entries intented?

    Just took left side shots to.

    I just checked it again in FF at 800×600 and the posts seem to line up just great, for the left side, but it’s still a tad off for the sidbar. =(

    While viewing in IE6, the post along with the nav at top is snug against the left side wall of the browser, where the right side is still like in FF..


    Please note: these were SS before the changes you have made..

    My suggestion is, to leave the left margin or paddings for the posts or post alone, put it back, because that appears the same in both browsers. Just work on the right side paddings and or margins… =)

    Maybe work on the width of the actual post <div> and sidebar divs to make it a tad shorter so it centers evenly or something…you’ll get it. I know IE and FF can display it differently..and believe me, trying to get them both showing the same in each is a bitch, but theres ways lol!


    Thanks again spencerp. I really appreciate the screenshots. Although, for right now, I’m kind of inclined to leave the left padding off, because if I don’t, my only option will be to significantly reduce the size of the right column. I have this at 200 pixels now. Does this look bad having everything left aligned?

    Also, does anyone who uses semiologic know how to remove the spacing between the header and the navbar? What’s really strange about this is it doesn’t happen on the individual posts.

    Ok, well I just was saying, as of now.. The post content is hugging the browser’s left side in IE. But it seems fine in FF. For the overall, it’s not really that bad actually. A 50px or less scroll isn’t too bad. =)

    Just some sites or blog’s out there, have more then that, and it’s like WTF lol. Not your’ maybe just fix that left side padding again….so the actual post content isn’t rubbing the browser’s left side.. I’ll show ya what Im seeing now.. In IE6:

    Where as you had it before like this:

    much nicer.. =)


    Not trying to sound rude, but that’s what I’m seeing.. =)

    I see Spencerp, Yeah, that is a problem. I need to figure out how to move everything to the right. I’ve been trying to work around the nav-bar, which I cannot seem to figure out where it calls out its location, but yeah, that’s too far to the left. Let me see if I can figure something out.

    EDIT: Spencerp, try now. I added 10 pixels (I think) to the left side. And again, I truly appreciate you taking the time to help me!

    YES! Hell yeah! It looks good in IE and FF for the left side like that. Now, just to make the right side, or the sidebar rather, needs to be brought inwards to line up with the nav and header image.. Maybe try lowering the padding or margins a tad on the right side of the posts and or left side padding or something on the sidebar once.. just to have it line up evenly with the nav and header image.

    The left side is just fine now, and also the right side header image with the top nav, just need to adjust the sidebar yet.. then it will be awesome in both browsers! =)

    The little 30px to 50px scroll isn’t too bad really.. I wouldn’t worry about that now..just worry about getting your right sidebar lined up evenly like ya have the left side. =)


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