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  • Just wanted to add to the chorus of disapproval regarding forcing Recaptcha v3 on us.

    For a select few plugins with millions of users, one may become complacent regarding backups. Rightly or wrongly we don’t expect things to break on a minor upgrade for such a widely used plugin.

    Surely making the change backwards compatible would have been the best way to approach this, or give us a toggle on the settings to choose? Not all installations are website owners with keys at their fingertips – for agencies, clients may have the keys for example.

    For a plugin with 5 million + installations, I hate to say it, but it’s disappointing – with great power comes great responsibility!

    Please consider making v2 or v3 a choice – you already have the code for both, surely it isn’t a huge task to offer as an option?

    Best regards

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  • I totally agree. Since the upgrade, we are now getting 5-10 spam emails a day from our ‘Contact Us’ page. Never used to get any and I can’t stop them coming in.

    I also agree and also, like never receive spams daily.

    Signed. I don’t like reCaptcha v3 and want to use v2 instead but with 5.1.1 version I can’t do this. Please, add compatibility with reCaptcha v2 or it’s time to use other contact form plugin. Thank you!



    I rolled back to 5.0.5 and I will not update until v2 is an option again.
    If not, I will switch to another plugin.



    Alternately, can anyone point to a fork that retains v2?

    I see the following major issues with v3:

    • I’ve gone from seeing one form spam a month or so to multiple daily – clearly either v3 is not ready for prime time or there’s some issue with CF7’s integration that is allowing a bypass
    • I don’t want to see the recaptcha branding on every page, that’s ridiculous. There are I’m sure a ton of high-profile sites whose design/branding people would not allow that
    • There’s no way to debug this that I can see. v3 feels like a total black box.

    These should be show-stopper issues really…

    Also, I’ve not been keeping up with general recaptcha news, but here’s some interesting highlights from Google’s FAQ:

    – reCAPTCHA v2 is not going away! We will continue to fully support and improve security and usability for v2.
    – You are allowed to hide the badge as long as you include the reCAPTCHA branding visibly in the user flow (so for example, CF7 could include disclaimer text before/after the submit button instead of the badge)
    – The JavaScript API available for Invisible reCAPTCHA also works for v3. Simply use the JavaScript API to explicitly render reCAPTCHA with a v3 site key to access options such as repositioning the badge or changing the theme (ie: v3 can support visible captcha)

    So in theory, CF7 could give us an option for a visible captcha.


    v3 seems to rely on Google tracking the user’s actions, it then provides a score back without the opportunity to raise a challenge. Whatever score we use as a cut-off, we will get varying degrees of spam getting through / false positives for spam.

    v2 has been effective for my sites and I’ve not had any issues with it. It is also non-invasive. v3 is a step back for me.

    Please restore v2 as an option.



    I adhiere to the petition of allowing users to choose v2 or v3 reCaptcha.



    +1 It’s a shame the developer refuses to add V2 back to the plugin. With the current state of CF7 i consider this plugin broken and a potentional security risk (one of my clients got over 1800 spam mail a day after te plugin update).



    We also were looking to avoid downgrading but wanted to use reCAPTCHA v2.

    If it helps, the following plugin supports [recaptcha] tag reCAPTCHA v2 and runs on top of the latest CF7 release.

    Contact Form 7 – reCaptcha v2

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