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    Hi all,

    First ever time using and looking at WordPress. I really want to knuckle down and start learning how to use WordPress properly but before I do I was wondering if I could ask people views on whether or not WordPress could make the site I am hoping to build. No point in learning something that isn’t suitable right?

    The site I am hoping to build is essentially a news, media, articles site that people will access but whereby the users can filter the content into one of four categories. Like a big repository of useful stuff. The key bit being that older content would need to be easy to find and not just a huge backlog of dates of things that were posted (like a normal blog, and I know this is a blogging system but I understand it can be customised a lot, as WordPress is rather powerful). Also can wordpress allow voting to push more important content to the top or to the front page, things like that?

    Would I need to use plugins and special themes to achieve this? I am sorry this isn’t a very detailed brief but its just to get an idea of what you lovely experts think about this? Can anyone recommend any good theme or plugin combos to start out with a news and media repository?

    Thank you so much and I hope to be able to start learning this platform soon 🙂

    Kind regards

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  • You can use it for this, and it would definately work fine. Categorisation of posts (articles) is a core part of what WordPress does.

    As far as the voting goes, that’s going to be either part of a theme or a plugin. There’s most likely something available, so do a few searches in the Plugins repository to see what’s there. If nothing suits it’s not that hard for a competent programmer to develop something that will work the way that you want it to.

    Thank you! Very good to know that this is possible and that even if there are not plugins for the voting, a developer can probably manage it. Wasn’t even aware WordPress was this powerful!

    Thank you again. I shall begin my journey of learning WordPress…fingers crossed.

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