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  • Resolved Zumatra


    I just updated to WP 3.9 and my workflow has just crashed.

    I am on a Mac, so I don’t know how this may apply to PC users but it saves a lot of time to drag selected text into the post area rather than copy and paste – it also frees up my clipboard history for other things.

    However, today, I discovered that having updated to WP 3.9, when I try to drag text, I get the ‘Drop files to upload’ message. If I continue and drop, I get a warning saying that I am leaving a page on which I have entered text (in another field) which is a normal Mac Safari warning.

    I am sure that this new feature is immensely useful for some people but for me it is a major nuisance – please give the option to switch it off.

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  • Hardeep Asrani


    Support Team Volunteer

    Try to drag & drop text to the text editor instead.

    The text editor is what he’s talking about. I agree completely with Zumatra. My entire workflow has crashed, also. It was idiotic to make the “Drop files to upload” default behavior for the TEXT EDITOR.

    As of now, WordPress is essentially buggered. I have no idea what the developers were thinking. Some of us are pros and use FTP for media uploading anyway. (I’ve never used WP media uploading.)

    Yes, please, for God’s sake kill the auto upload “feature” in the TEXT EDITOR. That window is for TEXT. Duh.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    Please don’t go into every similar post and add the same rant, jhfarr. We understand exactly how you feel, but that behavior doesn’t help anything nor will it fix it faster.

    No sweat. Thanks for the ticket on the glitch.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    Speaking of the text editor 🙂

    I don’t know what will come of it, but it’s recorded now.

    It IS annoying to hear from people being dismissive of THIS Drag and Drop issue….

    I offer NO apologies for bringing it UP AGAIN….


    The crazy thing is I have Lenovo laptop running Safari and There I can still drag and drop….I us that to drop a few images into posts …BUT IT IS NOT the solution…

    I see over in the Developer Forums that there IS a wp 3.9.1 due to come out at anytime with TinyMCE fixes (A LOT of them) …

    Until then ?
    We who have been cut out of the drag and drop access by the GRAY SHADED window have to wait….
    And do a slow burn with ‘Progress’…..

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    Text drag and drop will be fixed in the 3.9.1 release

    No one was being dismissive at all, and I’m sorry you felt that we were. If you’d read the ticket I linked to – – you’d see not only did it get picked up, but it was patched 🙂 I initially said I wasn’t sure where it would go because I’m a TinyMCE newb and only know that it’s messy and compliecated 🙂

    Have happiness and wait till Monday or Tuesday for the patch.

    I DO realize that doing Everything you guys/gals do IS to make the wp systems work as good as it does….

    I have been blogging since 2009 and despite my annoyance with this issue I LOVE wp…..

    It’s just that most bloggers that use drag and drop find the bug VERY Much a Pain….

    In some of the forums people have lost their ability to actually run their blogs….I can still post but it just takes more work…

    Again Props to you and all the others that make the system as great as it is….But sometimes problems REALLY do make people mad….

    We’ll have More Happiness come Monday or Tuesday….

    Thanks for getting back to me and the others reading this….

    And I know it sound corny but….

    “keep up the Good work!’

    Is anything happening about this?

    Monday and Tuesday both came and went and I can’t find any indication that this is on anybody’s radar anymore.

    I’m sitting patiently…



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    Please be patient. It will be added at the next suitable update.

    I just noticed that this is marked as resolved but I haven’t seen an update which has resolved it.

    3.9.1 has just been released……

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