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  • Hello, I have a webcomic/fiction site that has a butt TON of characters. I need an efficient way to do a character cast page. Here’s what I have so far:

    Click the characters, it drops down their bio and a gallery for that character

    Here are my questions/problems:
    -The load time is bloody INSANE. How can I reduce it with my current set up?
    -Is there a better set-up I can use for a character cast page that has THIS much information and visuals?
    -I already plan on editing thumbnails to include the characters names, but I’m afraid to make the thumbs too much bigger or else the load time will be even more nuts, and the cast list is already too big.

    Please help me with recommendations on what I can do!
    I dont know if flash is the best way to go, or if anyone has a good html5 template I can use for a cast page. I have very little coding experience beyond copy-paste.

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