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  • roadrashtx


    Did this ever get resolved or is this still a manual fix? Seems like disqus would have already had this option in the plugin.

    Timothy Couckuyt


    Would love to know this too… A much requested feature.

    Timothy Couckuyt


    One possible solution could be to hook into the “wp_insert_comment” action and use the wp_notify_postauthor function when the ‘comment_agent’ data variable contains the Disqus string 🙂

    I’m interested to know how to resolve this issue also.

    I’m against the solution provided at the following link because it requires modification of the Disqus plug-in code which interferes with updating the Disqus plug-in.

    How to Make Disqus Notify the Post Author When a New Comment Is Posted?

    I found another solution on GitHub that is not ideal either (linked below). The problem is that it requires exposing an endpoint (the php/sendnotification.php file) to receive a callback whenever a comment is posted.

    Ideally the Disqus plug-in should be able to check the WordPress comment notification setting and then use the wp_notify_postauthor( $comment_id ); function if notifications are enabled.

    I don’t mind using the solution provided at the link, but with one caveat. When I make the change, I start receiving two different emails notifying me of comments on my blog. One comes from Disqus and the other comes from the blog itself. I have changed the discussion settings to prevent that, but it doesn’t seem to take affect. Still receive two emails.

    One problem with the solution provided at the link is that it won’t work for WordPress VIP customers; since VIP provides the plugin as part of their plugins repo, it cannot be modified. I happen to be developing for a site that is hosted by WordPress VIP.

    Also, the duplication of emails makes sense if you are an author on your blog as well as the owner of the Disqus account that is being used. However, if you have multiple authors on your site, the vast majority of people writing will not receive notifications as only the owner of the Disqus account receives those.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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