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    can you please also add coinwebmining.com?
    It has better payouts, different coins and a similar tracking api:


    Credit hashes to your users and track stats
    Create a new miner and credit all hashes to the specified user name. You can check a user’s balance with our cwm_user_stats().

    userid The user’s name. This can be anything that is unique to the user on your website. E.g. a user name, id, the md5 hash of their name or their email address.

    Common use-cases include granting in-game currency, selling small value digital products or other incentives to a user account on your website in turn for running the miner. Make sure you choose unique value for userid.

    Get the total number of accepted hashes for a user name.

    site_id Your site id, generated on this page.
    userid The user’s name, analogous to the name specified in the cwm_start(). This can be anything that is unique to the user on your website. E.g. a user name, id, the md5 hash of their name or their email address.

    What do you say, will you add it or do I need to add it on my own?

    Kind regards

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi Surrealer!

    Thanks again for your feedback!

    I took a look at their page and it seems promising (though I was using Safari on my phone and saw a drive by ad on their site, but it was for selling a ASIC miner so I didn’t take offense).

    That said, I will have to investigate if they track users balances via secret key with an API for balance checks and withdraws.

    Now it isn’t a problem for me to implement this as I almost did for Adscend until Oclin (the other dev on github… This if Felty if you are looking at the commits) pointed out that they had an API system for withdraw tracking even though the Adscend rep said they didn’t have it. And now that I updated the tables to includes some meta columns, I can track current withdraw rates every time the user asks for a payout in points.

    Now this will take another hit on writing to your SQL table (which shouldn’t matter unless you have 10,000 users on AWS), but I mulled the solution over as I didn’t like the way their mining UI looked either and thought myself, “If I have to write a way to track user withdraws myself and make a better miner UI, why don’t I just see if there a way if a WP site can run the stratum js directly and just point the hashes at whatever regular mining pool and cut out the middle man all together.” Of course it makes me sort of need to do extra work around the time XMR forks or is upgraded, but CH can always used as a temporary fallback if I get hit by a bus and Oclin or someone else updates the Github in the meantime.

    That was a longer answer than you were expecting soo…

    So tl;dr

    Yes, but I’m going to also look at just bypassing them all together and let the WP site admin deal with the regular mining pools directly.

    I opened two issues on Github, one to investigate CWM and one to see if WP is capable of running their own js stratum bridge.

    I can work on the CWM on my own but I need to get Oclin involved for the second because he’s more familiar with running wallets on servers and front end stuff etc (though I’m going to try to avoid having the WP admin put a 8gb blockchain file on their server lol)

    What do you think about that?

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    And as far as time frame for CWM, it may be a week or two as I need to get my current issues done (a working leaderboard integrated to base) and Oclin should wrap up the gaming addon before we move on to either of these.

    If you want to mess with this yourself in the meantime (I’m not opposed), you can find our source here:


    In particular… The CH code is here:


    So you could just copy that and rewrite the CURL call around line 105 to point at CWM stuff and include it as it as a include on this file after line 357:


    And if you get it working please let me have a copy 😉

    But if you are fine waiting on me, that’s fine too as I will look into this as I don’t want to be 100% reliant on Coinhive either if they go away tomorrow.

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    Actually, I realized that CWM is way more than just the site you linked (sorry for the confusion) as I found the Web Miner Pool that github and anyone can run their own server and not just the website that you linked (it’s the nodes!)

    Soooo… This really has my interest peaked.

    Judging by the resource usage reports on their feedback, I don’t think I can make the server simple WP plugin.

    However, I am going to make an AWS test server and see if I can get VYPS to work with it.

    And then all you need is someone who knows AWS or runs a stratum with low fees. So let me get that working and then I suppose you can just point VYPS at anyone who uses it.

    Stay tuned!

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    That sounds amazing and is even more than what I was expecting,
    that will push this plugin to the next level!
    Glad that I could point you in this new direction 🙂

    Are you talking about: https://github.com/notgiven688/webminerpool ?
    I have this project in my favs for some time^^

    CWM should still be an option for lazsy users or people who just want to have it work with a minimum afford. I can have a look if you still consider it as CH alternative.
    TBH I’m not such a good php programmer, I’m more into C# and 4D(4th dimensin), but I can see what I can do, shouldn’t be so hard to understand and adjust it.

    My szenario is the following:
    My goal is to creat something like a “Crypto Legacy” a site that offers people to create a profile and become legacy. (not so much a social network, more like a memorial and with a prestige system)

    The site will monetize itself by donations, webmining and others. It should later become a foundation so that it stays online for ever.

    That will be the first way for everybody out there to become some kind of immortal in this digital world. Otherwise no one will remember any of us in 2-3 generations and there are definitely some words that I want to – keep for and share with – the next generations.

    I add something like “Time Tokens/Coins” that people can earn on the site.
    One “time Token” stands for a minute/hour of server lifetime / uptime.

    So if someone donates bitcoins or is mining on/for the site, it will be calculated in the background against the (server/general) maintain costs and give user the time that they have added to the server uptime as “time tokens”.
    These tokens are a little bit like in the movie “In Time”.

    As a benefit people can upgrade their profiles with “time tokes”. So your idea of gamifying the whole ADs/Webmining thing is in my eyes the best way to make this project tempting for the user. A leaderboard and so on is also a great way to motivate the user. As higher the prestige, as higher is your legacy rank. Profiles with a high rank on the leaderboard gets more attention and so on.

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    Yeah thats the project I was thinking already was pestering notgiven on his issues page.

    I ended up finishing the leaderboard addition quicker than I thought, but I need to move the VidYen PoC off my VPS so I ca do some testing without blowing everything up on my production stuff as I need the VPS for something else as well.

    But I will start seeing what I can do with both soon and if I need to work around it…

    Will update when have more info.

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    This might be odd as the plugin developer is asking you for technical support, but I have webminerpool by notgiven installed. And I got the server program listening.. Correct ports… So on.

    mono server.exe runs and flecks runs on wss:// all that and it even sees the computer connecting and authenticating to the proxy, but no hashes. Neither on client or on the server.

    I tried more than one pool as well. A different monero address. But no luck.

    The browser isn’t generating any CPU usage and I tried Edge to see if it was Chrome or the blockers.

    Still no go.

    Have you had this working before?


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    Some good news and some bad news. I looked at the code this weekend and even had a conversation with the dev from Monero Ocean Pool and automated hash tracking an be done, but unfortunately it can only be done client side with anyone using CWM like the pools you requested. Which is probably a bad idea if you are using this for a Mine to Pay solution where someone has their client just tell you they mined a gazillion hashes when they didn’t.

    That said, notgiven’s server does keep a dat file that tracks it, but the pool would need to make it public or you’d need to run the server yourself and make it public.

    Oclin and me are tied up for the rest of the month, but I’m considering what it would take to make the server make a json file and have more fields to track the users.

    In my head… I’d just get the wallet the webuser is mining to along with the WP user ID and session ID and feed it to the webminer server… Which confirms that the mining pool accepted the hashes and then the webminer server would output that to a json file and then someone with VYPS plugin can track on their wordpress site since it can just look at the json file output it without worrying that someone edited the client js file to lie about the hash output.

    I’m going to look into this, but as far as any of the sites you asked to add support, I don’t think I can do it until, they output a proper json or some other method for automated output.

    I’m not saying to harass notgiven, but if he added this solution in his next update then it would be easier for everyone 😉

    Otherwise, we are going to have to fork it for vyps functionality.

    If you just want a plugin that won’t display the miner until you hit consent, I can do that, but I can’t confirm that the user actually mined the hashes or not other than you looking at the logs and then adding the points manually through the admin panel.

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    You still around? It took a month but we got a working version. That said… It works, but we need to make it actually use more cpu (or less in some cases) and work on a better GUI. But hey! Adblock friendly and pool of your choice!

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    Hey as it pretty much all works. I think this might be solved (well still working on more pools but moneroocean.stream works fine)

    Let me know if any further issues!

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    Thats amazing! thanks for your hard work, going to test it during this week

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