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  • Hello,

    I am requesting a small feature addition to your Simple Password Generator Plugin.

    It would be great to have a SHOW PASSWORD button or option so that if email sending fails, etc. that the password can be given to the user manually. For example, during a Help Desk phone call when the user has failed to receive the newly generated password via email.

    We currently run WP Password Generator (which has this feature) AND Simple Password Generator simultaneously (because WP Password does not include the email user and nag user to change features). This is OFTEN necessary in order to assist low-tech users with gaining access when all else has failed with them.

    Both plugins coexist happily except that two different Generate Password button appear on the user profile and the SHOW PASSWORD option on WP Password will not show the passwords generated by Simple Password Generator, sooooo that is why we run them together.

    If we do not need to see a password we can generate it with Simple Passwords, but if we need to see the password that has been generated then we use the WP Passwords button.

    At least it all works, but it would be nice to have only one plugin to maintain and since WP Password has the nag and email feature, it seems the least changes would be required to add the SHOW PASSWORD option.

    Thanks for considering this request.

    Phil Duncan

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