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  • Please! Add option to use V2 and V3.
    This is not working AT ALL for smaller websites, i’m sure you know it, you are good at it. Smaller websites are getting hit a LOT by spam and will not or in a very long time hit the google threshold to set a score or have options.
    V2 is still very bullet proof for spam, it was working fine and now you obligate people to mess with this and be stuck with v3 that does not work…
    Please add option for v2 also.

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  • Are you saying that the reason I am getting spammed so much since “upgrading” to reCAPTCHA v.3 is because I need to build up some kind of score?

    Why has my reply as well as other “+1” replies been removed?

    lol wat the… my reply got deleted too

    as far as i can understand from the past 3-4 days yes you are right, it needs a minimum visits and emails sent so that it “learns” what is spam and what is not, it’s kinda based on spam filters like cpanel offers that just doesnt work nicely like the good old recaptcha v2 worked. I really think v3 will never work as good as v2, yes sure its nice to not have to click the image boxes but for small websites it just doesnt make sense, i get lots of spam each day on each of my sites, at least 5 times more than the actual real visitors.

    huh? My “+1” message also got deleted. lol. Maybe our input didn’t count as a contribution towards answering the question. Or perhaps it was my first post so I looked like a bot?

    Please! Add option to use V2 and V3.

    My reply as well as other “+1” replies was removed.
    Mine was not only a “+1″…

    What is going on ????

    So, second attempt.

    I would also really like to see an option to either use reCAPTCHA v2 or v3. There are a number of reasons why v2 is preferable:

    a) Google’s own advice suggests that a contact form might not want to continue to use reCAPTCHA v2 as it creates a higher-friction challenge. Form their FAQ ( reCAPTCHA v3 “is intended for power users, site owners that want more data about their traffic, and for use cases in which it is not appropriate to show a challenge to the user” (e.g. “common actions like sign-in, searches, comments, or voting”. In contrast reCAPTCHA v2 might still be used on “a registration page […] for a higher-friction challenge“.

    b) reCAPTCHA v2 is not and will not be deprecated. In fact the way Contact Form has been updated means existing functionality suddenly broke, which is clumsy and undesirable – a dual approach up to Contact Form v5.2 or v6.0 with a nudge to upgrade would have been much more desirable. In fact many users seem to have down graded to an earlier version – so this is probably still desirable for this reason alone! (I appreciate that this is higher amount of maintenance for an entirely free plugin which otherwise has been a solid driver for many, many years.)

    c) I run about a dozen webpages for very small businesses. They have gone from receiving zero spam to receiving 5-10 spam messages a day. Other website admins report similar issues for smaller websites. Which in short means reCAPTCHA v3 does not work for us.Given (a) and (b) above this should not be a surprise and not an issue as v2 continues to be supported.

    d) With regards to GDPR, v2 allows a much less intrusive approach by only requiring an opt-in to data sharing if a visitor decides to submit a form rather then across the whole webpage. I think this is a highly desirable option!

    @takayukister Please, please, please support a choice between v2 and v3! In fact I have just made a “donation” (via to the project to help fund some development time.

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