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    They’re useful in that they allow fans of my page to download our events into their electronic calendars.

    Thank you.

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    My thread here is for requesting the functionality be added to WordPress. My other thread is seeking work-arounds in the meantime. Is there a more direct way to contact WordPress support?

    Thank you.



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    Add feature requests here –
    There are no guarantees it will be done, but at least it’s there for the record.

    Thank you, but that web page doesn’t seem to work. Nothing happens when I click “let us know here,” and nothing shows below the bottom heading “Propose and Idea.”

    I tried with Safari, Camino, and Firefox. I am logged in. And I did search the other “ideas” for ics/ical upload support (both with the WordPress search, and by Google site search).

    It’s probably always going to have to be a plugin, unless you want to import iCal entries as posts, since WordPress’ calendar is post driven.

    And even then? The importers are plugins.

    I upload files (e.g. images for display, and PDFs for download) either from the WordPress dashboard (“Add New Media” on left column), or from the “Add Media” button while editing a page (“Upload/Insert” above the editing box). Is that using a plug-in (I thought these were default functions of WordPress)?

    I was hoping simply to be able to upload our ICS file, for our fans to download if they choose. Personally, I frequently download ICS files from Facebook event pages for import into my own iCal—as a consumer I find quite a handy time-saver.

    Thank you.

    Well. Yes, you could probably use the uploader for that. For some reason I thought you meant you wanted something else. But yeah, the file uploader should be able to handle that just fine. Are you getting an error?

    Thank you.

    The uploader uploads my ICS (iCal Export) file, then says in red:
    “File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.”

    I checked the security guidelines, and .ics isn’t listed. Though a lot of other file types (images, audio, video, and office documents), I don’t see any calendar formats available.



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    I misunderstood what you needed. ICS/ICAL = calendar of events for me 🙂

    There are at least two ways to do what you want:
    1. Manual Upload: If you are the one who’s going to upload the ICS files, then you can create a subfolder in your installation and upload the ICS via FTP or cPanel there. Then you just enter the absolute URL for your ics file in your post.
    2. Allow ICS file type in theme’s functions.php: so you can upload in dashboard Post/Page panel

    Yeah, you can do that easier in multisite, of all things. A rarity 😉 there’s a GUI for that on multisite. Odd that we don’t have ine for single site.

    Thank you for your responses.

    @mercime: Regarding manual upload, how does one “create a subfolder” in one’s “installation”? Looking at the dashboard, media managing section, I don’t see any folder hierarchy creation available.

    Regarding my theme’s functions.php, what and where is this .php file?

    @ipstenu: What is multisite?



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    @ipstenu true. Trac time? 🙂

    @janas manual upload requires FTP or cPanel access to your server to “create a subfolder” named ics e.g. in

    If you are the Administrator of your site, you can access your active theme’s functions.php in dashboard > Appearance > Editor
    Click on the functions.php on the right side of the screen. Copy the contents of the file and post it in and post the URL generated here so we can guide you where to place the code.

    Multisite =

    Thank you, I’ll have to consult our site’s admin, then.

    Did some research. This is a “new” security function, Only whitelisted filetypes may be uploaded by all users (admins included), Previously, This only applied to non-administrators. —

    Try adding this to your wp-config.php file:
    define('ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS', true);

    That SHOULD allow admins, and everyone else, to upload anything.

    Alternately, you can use this plugin to manage file types on Single Site:

    (MultiSite is for crazy people who like to use one WP install to run multiple blogs)

    OK, I’ve submitted a similar ticket on the core.trac page.

    Is the wp-config.php file only accessible by the admin? Is it found in the same place as the functions.php file (dashboard / appearance / editor)?

    Myself, I’m usually wary of hacking/coding/mucking…

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