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  • line 238 of pluggable.php,

    // Set to use PHP's mail()

    Should this be changed to allow users to select the different email delivery options (already built into WordPress) according to a dropdown in the General Options tab? It seems like I have to change this to match what my client’s host supports, i.e.:

    //... etc.

    I have a number of hosts that only ‘half’ support the hardcoded ‘IsMail’, for some reason admin mail works, but people who register/lost pass don’t. And I see alot of users that have similar or related problems (check the user forums!). Could this resolve some issues?

    The options are already built in, we just need a way to configure it. Providing a drop down on the Admin General options tab that simply writes to the db. for selecting the mail server type SMTP, QMail, PHPMail, Sendmail, etc. This would ensure more sucessful (and trouble free) WordPress installations and users because if one service fails (or in my case, half fails), they can easily switch to see one that does work with their given host.

    I noticed now that people are now are using dirty hacks and plugins that override class-php-mailer, which isn’t always necessary, as it is essentially doing the same thing (use SMTP vs Sendmail)? 🙂

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  • Grrr, this has happend to me again, but I forgot about what went wrong… why does pluggable force IsMail? It should leave the default mailer alone!

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